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 I've finished watching a few animes in the last month and I must ask: What the hell is wrong with those scriptwriters? It almost feels disrespectful towards the fans the way some stories and endings are presented.  

Among the over 150 animes I've watched the general feeling I got in 90% of the endings was "Lalala, it's so nice doing an anime! Oh, wait, we have to finish it! Just come up with anything and let's call it a day!" 

Seriously! It's not that difficult doing an ending that goes along with the pace of the anime for pete's sake!

When it comes to Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, it's not only the ending that makes no sense. Don't get the wrong idea, the anime is good, but they simply  proposed on doing something, to completely forget it during the series and remebered to pick it up again on the ending in a completely nonsense way.

If this was simply an anime to tell the story of a group of teenagers facing supernatural occurrences it'd have been an amazing one. After all, there wouldn't be any kind of commitment to a larger story. 

And that's where Occult Academy went wrong. They offer you an interesting premise only to abandon it afterwards , and, even worse, to "suddenly" remember it on the very ending.

This mistake has been repeating itself in SO many animes that it's getting on my nerves. If you don't know how you want to end a story, don't even get started!:@

Soul Eater was another one that totally lost focus on the last 10-15 episodes.  
The feeling of  "Oh, gee, we have to conclude the story! Let's just put everything together in a very mediocre way and that's it!" is outrageously present in this show.
 The fight with Asura is just lame. From the Shinigami to Maka the whole "OMG! I've just discovered I have a mega powerful blast which is really cool but won't do anything" and the "Ah, well, we have tons of characters but 90% of them will just be standing by watching while everything happens" made me want to murder the writer.  
For real, this show had such an outstanding beginning. An amazingly well done  development of all the main characters, a very interesting premise. Such an awesome stage preparation, only to throw it all away afterwards? And this is just to mention the two most recent animes I've watched.
Sometimes I really feel like, overall speaking, animes are for children. Only they would accept such lame plots and endings.
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