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After a long hiatus (2 and a half years) without watching animes I've come across several good surprises during these past 3 months watching as many of them as possible. (And some really bad as well, such as Vampire Knight and High School of the Dead) 
Among the many pleasant surprises, the top one was definitely Bakemonogatari. 
The story is quite simple, actually. It goes something like this: Koyomi Araragi is a young boy with a fast healing ability who gets involved with 5 girls that are being possessed/disturbed by spirits and ends up lending a hand to them helped by Meme Oshino. And, as far as story goes, it's pretty much that. 
What impressed me the most on Bakemonogatari (and what made so many people despise it) was the incredibly rich visual complements, the totally nonsense long dialogues and, specially, Senjougahara. Her irony, sarcasm and seldom cuteness turned her into my favorite anime character. 
The fanservice didn't seem excessive to me, plus, however short, the action scenes were pretty neat. 
Even though there's a harem feeling on the anime it is not anything that would hinder the  overall  enjoyment of this great production. 
The music is never off and the openings are something else. 
As the title implies, it's hard to explain why I've been so impressed by this series. The fact is, I liked it, and I liked it a lot! 
I recommend an open mind to watch it, and have fun!;D
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