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  • Name: Abraham Lunavolka
  • Aliases: The Arctic Wolf, The Lycan Tundra
  • Age: Over 100
  • Height: 6"4 (Human form) 6"10 (Wolf form) 7"8 (Lycan form) 
  • Weight: 210lbs (Human form) 275lbs (Wolf form) 321lbs (Lycan form)
  • Hair: Silver
  • Skin: Caucasian (Blue and black in wolf forms)
  • Eyes: Golden
  • Birthplace: Russia
  • Nationality: British/Russian
  • Race: Lycan
  • Affiliation: Darkstalkers Organization

The Lycan Clans

 Creatures of the Moon
 Creatures of the Moon
They are children of the moon, and for generations stories and legends have been passed through the winds of time, but no one truly knows where werewolves and their intelligent counterparts the lycans came from. Some say the gods of the moon created these dog soldiers, others say they were born from a mythical wolf, whatever the case these creatures of dreams and nightmares are some of the most popular beasts, many have wished to become one, not knowing the harsh reality that comes with such a dark burden. Lycans are indeed real, but spotting one is next to impossible, they appear like regular humans, many having full control over their wolf forms, and if a human does spot one, their minds brush it off as nothing more than a careless whisper in the backs of their minds.

 Lycan Clan
 Lycan Clan
All around the world clans of lycans live, some small, some large, some old and some new. Each clan has their own strengths and weaknesses, and run things their own way. The clans are not allied, but will work together against a threat of other creatures of the night, most noticeably the vampires. Out of all the clans, two of them stand out above all the others. The first if the McIntyre clan, a group of Lycan of Scottish and English descent. The clan is relatively new compared to many clans, and they dont appear to be particular strong compared to many other clans, they are smaller in size, but looks can be deceiving. The McIntyre clan hold something above all other clans, they are intelligent and retain full control, unlike many Lycans who still hold that primal rage inside them. The Mcintyre clan use their minds, many being doctors, lawyers and even politicians. They chose this path in hopes that one day Lycans and humans can live in harmony.

 Dimitri & Lucy
 Dimitri & Lucy
The second clan are the Lunavolka clan. They are from Russia and are regarded as the most powerful Lycan clan. They are like a military organization where only the strong survive. They are organized, smart and possess superior senses and combat abilities, but this clan has talents which is envied by many other clans not just lycan. The Lunavolka clan has learned to manipulate ice, snow and wind, through tapping into the Ki of those particular elements, which they are naturally tapped into due to their living conditions. However not every member of the clan can do this, and those that cant are often dead before they are fully initiated. One day the head of the McIntyre clan, a girl named Lucy had been granted an audience with the Lunavolka clan, in hopes they would join her cause. Negations seemed to be going well, and the head of the Lunavolka clan Dimitri took a liking to Lucy. Even though he was cold, Dimitri was granted a date with Lucy and the two quickly fell in love, and Lucy fell pregnant, but to many clans their child was seen as a curse.

The Lycan Child

Abraham_Lunavolka Stats
Date Joined: April 24, 2011
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #17443 of 45,856
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