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Take the One Piece: Which Pirate Are You?

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The title of the world's greatest swordsman belongs to you Hawkeye! You're ship is a coffin, your giant sword is in the shape of a cross--you are every boy's hero.
Rob Lucci
The James Bond of the One Piece world, except you can change into a Leopard and your girlfriend is a pigeon. Despite this I'd still rather be you than 007, Rob.
Donquixote Doflamingo
The New Era has begun, and you are the boss of it! Nothing really means anything to you, everything is a joke; and when you are this powerful, everything is. You are also so secure with your manliness that you can wear a pink feathered jacked out in public. The Dennis Rodman of the pirating world.
Admiral Kizaru sir! You are that old man porn star that everyone likes and everyone wants to be. Not only do you have sweet ass glasses, but you are made of light itself. I can see why everyone wants to be you.
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