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Sound the alarms, my fellow anime friends. Because on may the 3rd, the Titans are coming. that's right, Attack on Titan will premiere on Toonami on May the 3rd.

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Calling all Evangelion fans. tell all your friends and family to bring EVANGELION: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO to Baltimore metro area. that's all.

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Calling All Anime vice Users, This is a Code Red. The Threat known as SOPA has returned to take down the Internet. We the People took it down once, and we can take it down again. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! If we were to fail, our online rights will be violated. If you want to help, then Join me and together, WE WILL TAKE DOWN SOPA FOR GOOD!

For more info, go to http://americancensorship.org/

This is Aarionf saying FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE!

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Listen up Anime people. Word around the galaxy is that the Clone Wars is coming to Toonami on August the 24th. Eureka Seven will say bye-bye on August 17th, never to return. I will miss Eureka, Renton and the others. this is Aarionf saying AMERICAN CARTOONS BELONG ON TOONAMI!

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Hello Sword Art Online fans this is aarionf with breaking news. SAO will premiere on Toonami at 2:00 AM on Saturday. In other news 4 those who are tired of the Thundercats and Sym-Bionic Titan, your problems are solved because they are history. And IGPX will begin its second season at 2:30 AM. Eureka 7 is now at 3:00 AM and The Big O will be at 3:30 AM. This is AarionF saying See Ya

In Memory of The Thundercats And Sym-Bionic Titan 2012-2013

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