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Alright,Hi...I'm new here if you couldn't tell :U I'm from Comicvine's RPG forum.I don't know EXACTLY what to expect here,but,you know,whatever.
Bio's aren't exactly my strong department,I like to let characters build themselves through RPing personally.Sooo,it's not 'perfect'  or anything :P

Ideals of a Spaniard:The Story of Romero Auditore,The Blade

"My name is Romero if you couldn't read the blasted title.You want to hear my story,eh?Well...I have nothing else to give,so I'll oblige.I was born in 1550,I forget the month and day.I was one of the sons born of settlers in the New Worl,or America as you call it today.I grew up into a brave adventurer,or at least I seemed brave among my peers at the time.Fighting off the natives and claiming land,you know the bloody history.I became a fool,searching for lost treasures told in magical tales by the natives.El Dorado,The Bigfoot,Ogopogo...legends all of them.One tale,though,was real.The Fountain of Youth.The proof you say?This thing on my f#cking back is the proof." Romero turns slightly and nods to the huge sword mounted on his back.The blade shined in the darkness of the room;It's metal was sage in color,and it had a edge of obsidian."There is your proof.Do you not understand?Let me 'break it down' for you,American:The Native Americans had trouble explaining things for some godforsaken reason.By Fountain,they meant the spewing blood this blade created.By Youth,they mean the user who drank said blood would be immortal.It was true,how the F#ck do you think I'm sitting here today?A Shaman or witchdoctor enchanted this blade for Lord Montezuma,for him to use in battle.Unfortunately he was killed before he could get a chance to use it,and the blade remained hidden in his home.I,wanting a little extra wealth,scavenged his destroyed home temple or whatever those idiots called it,and found this.When I picked it up,everything went black.When I awoke,I stood among the bodies of an entire Indian tribe.It was disgusting.The blade sent me into a sort of blood lusted trance and used me.Long story short from there it took me over multiple more times before I finally just woke up here.I now have sins unforgivable, and try my best to redeem my honor.I have vowed to vanquish whatever evil wards over the world,no matter what cost.Now F#ck off,I have work to do!" 
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Healing Factor
  • Can sense Demonic/Arcane forces
  • Immortality/Slower Aging
  • Accomplished swordsman
  • Can decrypt hidden messages or learn a new language easily
  • Skillful with a bow
  • Can lead a ship's crew greatly
  •  Has over all well rounded intelligence
  • Will never kill or in some cases even fight someone who is innocent.
  • Can sometimes be overconfident in situations.
  • Has problems choosing when to back down.
  • Can get overzealous in response to acts of cruelty or abuse,even when it's not his business at all.
In a Nutshell:
Name:Romero Auditore
Alias:The Blade,the Spaniard
Age:Lost count(He appears 21)
Hair Color:Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color:Bronze
Weight:160 Pounds
Occupation:Paranormal investigator,Photographer
Hope you enjoyed reading it.
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RPG » Your Character's Empathy....

Spaniards don't have feelings(x3) goodbye thread.
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