_Creed_ (Level 7)

A wedgie, from CV
followed by
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  • Name: "Creed"
  • Current wearer: ?
  • Age: Depends on wearer
  • Weight: Depends on wearer
  • Age: Depends on wearer
  • Height: Depends on wearer
  • Species: Inner-self hex

The biology of a cartoon

XD is a living cartoon, brought to life form nothing but doodles on paper. He is the only one of his kind in a manner of speaking, and has some interesting features and quirks of his body. His body literally generates a sort of cartoon physics field. This results in cartoon physics temporarily "bleeding" into reality, allowing for more than ridiculous feats to be made possible (painting a tunnel that can actually be walked through, defying gravity until looking down etc).

XD himself is a cartoon, an embodiment of these strange rules. Like any cartoon, things that would kill most things are but a laugh for this creature. Getting run over by a train makes him as flat as paper, bullet holes literally leave hollow holes.

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