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Saguru Hakuba ( 白馬 探 , Hakuba Saguru ) is a character from magic kaito, who apeear in both detective manga and anime. Hakuba is another teenage Detective like Shinichi and Heiji.  But he handle cases in England and Japan. The number of cases he solve was more than Heiji or Shinichi. His main purpose is to catch Kaito KID( the famous thief).
Appearance and Skills
Hakuba has brown blonde hair and in anime his eyes are brown while in manga are blue. Hakuba is  180 cm tall (5'11"), weighs 65 kg (143 lbs),  born on August 29th his zodaic is  Virgo, and blood type A according to Aoko's introduction and he's 17 years old.
In twilight mansion it show that he's good at playing billiards and have basic knowledge about hawking too.
He also have a very sharp mind just like Shincihi and Heiji and able to memorize every small detail and long data.  He also able to record time in millisecond. 

Hakuba always interested and ask the culprit " how come you did that?". Hakuba also always pay attention to time and carrying a pocket watch which lose 0.01 second per year . Hakuba even said that Kaito Kid is late one minute and 13.02 second  during when Kid stole the Adam's Smile paint.  I n his first appearance he wear cape and hat  that look just like Sherlock Holmes one but then decide wear suit. 
His  talking and speech always formal and polite and use humble word like "boku" to present himself on Detective Conan episode 479, while Heiji is the opposite. Heiji use "ore" which is less impolite and somehow cockier. Hakuba have a high arrogance attitude toward himself. He show arrogance characteristic of catching Kaito Kid and show a superior's attitude toward  Inspector Nakamori's team  in volume 3 of Magic Kaito manga. In Detective Conan episode 479 he always  insulted  Heiji, calling him rash, hotheaded and impolite or unappropriated.

Hakuba also a flirt. He kissed Aoko's hand and tried to ask  her  a date with him, And during the Detective Koushien he attentive  to the female detective   and flirt with her,  and promise that he would "solve the case for her." when she crouch down because she scared of thunder and also said  " don't worry I'll make sure the thunder go away".
So this show that his action is to make Kaito and Heiji jealous or irritate.

His father is Metropolian Chief of police in Japan. His mother is British people and it show in Magic Kaito  his family own a research labatory . His father only show up once when Inspector Nakamori reject Hakuba's presence which make his father beg the Inspector  to give him a chance and look after Hakuba for him. 
His grandfather is unknown name but mention in manga. In both manga and anime he called his housekeepr " bayaa"   and in English it mean "governess". 
Hakuba and Kaito:
both of their relationship is very tense indeed, Hakuba said that Kaito kid is Kuroba Kaito when Keto left a hair and Hakuba used to analyze it his personality, blood type, height, weight . After Hakuba found out Kid age he ask the people to search all High School Japan. In volume 4  show a small scene where Hakuba calls from Paris to give information about  " Chat Noir" who is another thief like Kaito but more dangerous. Even though Kaito keep saying he is not Kid and deny he is one, Hakuba still give him information no matter what and said " do your best at least. i don;t want to see you lose to anyone before i capture myself" to end his conversation.  which is still mysterious that it's his actual motive or care about Kaito or both.
Hakuba and Aoko 

in Magic Kaito manga he flirt with Aoko after Kaito turn her down about going to "Prince Prince" concert. Then Kaito dare and make a bet that if Hakuba can capture Kaito he can go to Aoko and if not then Kaito go. When he was interview he only said " Tonight battle has a special meaning for me". Although Aoko is happy that she cna go with Hakuba but seems want Kaito more and expect Hakuba to fail.  But at the end neither both of them ( Kaito or Hakuba) can't go with Aoko so his father is a replacement for her.  The relationship is not big and tense because he rarely show up in Magic Kaito and Detective Conan.
Hakuba and Heiji

Hakuba has a low opinion about Heiji. in Detective Conan episode 479 he called Heiji savages and incompetence because Heiji is hot-blooded and do unappropriated things like smash the door just because of blood and jump to the second floor to check Tokitsu who head is full of blood. Hakuba  
Hakuba and Conan

There's not much information about their relationship but one thing for sure that  Hakuba respect Conan for hid deduction . It show in the episode 479  that he pick Conan as the East representitive.
Plot overview

In Magic Kaito

He arrive in February 23, 1990. he spent some time as a detective in England and go to London Bridge school. According to Hakuba father, Hakuba is mostly interested capturing Kaiot Kid and the reason he is in Japan. Although Hakuba fail to capture but slowly gather clue and information about Kid.
On February 24, 1990 Kaito was shocked that Hakuba attend same school as him and in same class. His classmate are Kaito Kuroba, Aoko Nakamori, Akako Koizumi and Keki Momoi. 
Although Magic Kaito is not continue again since 2007. Hakuba appear in Detective Conan like in episode 219 and 479. He call Kato from Paris to give information about " Chat Noir"  and also appear in Dark Knight chapter when he arive late to stop Kid but can deduce Kid's trick and method and able to discover  identity of " nightmare".

In Detective Conan

 Saguru appear in episode 219, where he and the 6 detective are gather to solve a crime that happen 40 years ago and he believe that Kid is gather all of them. During that episode it show he have a pet Hawk name Watson that often travel with him and buy from England.

His second appearance is in episode 479. He is not welcome as representative of East by Heiji so he take a role of being guest aboard and ask Conan to be the East Representative although he believe he should be one. He also said that his "bayaa"  was offended when the director ask him to replace Shinichi Kudo of being the Detective of East so his "bayaa" ask him to come to represnt as the Detective East and beg him to come with crying which make him no choice to went back to Japan.  The competiton was arrange by a woman who is seeking a detective with strange accent who mistaken making her friend commit suicide. Thinking Hakuba  one of the famous detective in Japan beside Shinichi the woman invite him even though he been ignoring  his Japan language and also Heiji  who have a strong Kansai accent. During that episode he spent his time in England and return to Japan to join the Koushien which explain the disappearance when Kaito Kid appear in detective Conan. In his second appearance he believe that Tsuchio is the culprit because Tsuchio's wire is empty in his toolbox that was in his room thus making Hakuba believe that Tsuchio is the culprit and he explain that after he killed Tokitsu he made a small hole in the window then go out after that used the wire to lock it through the hole in the glass he made which make Hakuba  wrong and prove that Hakuba  is better at catching thief than handle crime murder

in Episode 219 only mention not appear during Kid case but   later show up when someone gather all the 6 detective to solve a crime mystery. 

 Hakuba also appear in Detective conan move 3 but short scene only. saying the reason he came because somene dear to him is here and help Conan and Heiji of their investigation but then dissapear when the 3 of them were attack by bad people that ride motorbike. In the end it reveal that Hakuba is actually Kaito Kid.

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