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should I read the Ah! My Goddess manga? how much of the manga does the anime cover? can someone vouch for the manga?

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Who in your opinion had the best story arc in Amagami SS? which did you felt was the best developed in both seasons? please no bashing of other people's opinions

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What things would you like to see in the possible season 3 of Ah! My Goddess? what stories from the manga should be adapted? which characters from the manga should make their anime debut? all ideas are welcome

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I am in the mist of finishing the two seasons of Black Lagoon but right now I'm wondering if I should watch Roberta's Blood Trail? can anyone vouch for this series?

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I'm sorry but Kaede does not deserve ANY sympathy. Rin lost BOTH his parents but Kaede still had her dad. she strangles Rin, bullies Rin and she threw a box cutter which cut Rin's face only to find out that Kaede's mother didn't even want to go because kaede was sick. I appreciate that Kaede saw that what she did was wrong and even apologized but don't be mad because Rin doesn't want you like that. if I was Rin, I would still have at least SOME negative emotions towards Kaede because of the things she did. she was ALWAYS crazy but her mental instability was dormant and SOMETHING was gonna happen that would set her insanity off. In this case, it was Rin spending time with Asa or jealousy. there was an earlier point where Kaede almost went crazy because Rin tells her not to strain herself taking care of him. she was gonna snap anyway. she was outright cruel towards Rin and he doesn't even tell Kaede's dad because Rin ALLOWED the bullying to continue. they always had a brother/sister relationship and IMO, it should STAY that way.

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