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Off-Topic » What grinds my gears (And yours)

Certain arguments froom DBZ "Fans 

It’s fun to see the failed logic of idiots who think that the black star dragonballs are omnipotent (for some unexplained retarded reason) and since SSJ4 cancelles out the wish made by them, this somehow makes SSJ4 above omnipotence, proving that dbz idiots haven’t got the slightest understanding of what omnipotence is.

So, instead of realizing that the balls aren’t anywhere close to omnipotence since SSJ4 nullified them, they desparetly tries to come up with some ridiculous explanation that SSJ4 is omnipotent, re-writing the entire meaning of the word omnipotence just so it would suit the dbz idiot’s definition.     
Thank you AfterGlow

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Battles » Luffy Vs Super Saiyan 3 Goku

Stop criyng, she edited the post, with speed equal Luffy stomps, not equal Goku stomps. However Luffy can fly, and turn into light to avoid planet bust. So Goku is handicapped without IT? Even though he has plenty of other powers? How about simply powering up?
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Battles » Yu Kanda vs zoro

Zoro, because he is stronger and likely about as fast as Luffy or Mihawk due to his recent feats, also there are no stomp threads against ONe Piece that I have seen, they won alot of their battles even against Ban Mido which I will explain in that thread.
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