IG Port Teases a Sequel to a 'Big Hit Series' in 2013

Topic started by YuiAsakawa on Aug. 5, 2010. Last post by Gozertc 4 years, 5 months ago.
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@eldiax said:
" @metalsnakezero said:

" I would not want GitS since its been remade and sequelized too many times to have another sequel. Not sure how popular it is but I would like a Kimi ni Todoke season 2. "

I agree with this, I would love to see more Kimi ni Todoke as the first season left me wanting more.  But I can't see it happening, as Kimi ni Todoke probably isn't a "big hit series".  "
How can you not want more ghost in the shell?  Everything we have had of it is wonderful....I would like another movie as I liked the second movie even better than stand alone complex but stand alone complex is one of the few things I own the singles of.
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@Pleione said:
" I would cream my panties if this is true.  GitS ftw. <3 "
As I own  both GiTS movies and the first season of stand alone complex you can come over and watch them and cream your panties at any time ;)
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Ghost in the shell is a really big series. Even people I hate anime love ghost in the shell. I hope it is that freakin' awesome series. 
GHOST IN THE *freakin* SHELL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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another GitS would be awesome! 
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I'm up for a 3rdGig.
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Im going to die! I mean Ghost in the Shell SAC is like the best anime ever next to gundam. Solid State Society was amazing. 2nd Gig was my late night crack. SAC made me wish I was the Laughing Man. I hope Ghost in the Shell SAC get a season 3.
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Ghost in the shell would be really fine.  
I just fear the executive meddling... but if they can keep up to the quality, it would be be cool !!! :D
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"I'd love more GitS, especially if created in glorious blu-ray quality HD. "

Heck yeah!   
You know what be even cooler?  If they re-released and updated the mouse that the tech designer from GiTS did and released it with a Blue Ray box set of some kind.  I'd totally buy that.   
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