Private Sessions

Private Sessions is an anime movie
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Takumi Mikami is unable to find full-time work as a teacher because he has a record for sexually abusing his pupils. However, such foibles are no bar to employment in the world of anime pornography, and so he is soon taking a temporary teaching job at a high-class girls' school famed for its discipline. By a remarkable coincidence, discipline is what Takumi is best at, and his sex slave Sahi Azuma is already working at the school in another teaching post. His first victim is Natsuki, the heroine of the basketball club, whom he rapes in his office after practice, while Sahi captures the incident on video. Meanwhile, the brother of one of Takumi's other victims decides that it is more important for his sister's honor for him to regain the tape of her rape than it is for him to report it to the police.

The seemingly unrelated Private Sessions 2 (2003) features Juichiro Aoki, a famous painter who lives in a mansion in the leafy suburbs of Kyoto. His wife Reika is 30 years younger than he, and only married him in order to pay off the debts of her father, the ikebana master. Although the marriage is technically loveless, Juichiro's wife has come to enjoy their bondage games, as does Juichiro's new apprentice Kaoru, who witnesses their activities in secret.

For the second part of PS2, the scene changes once more to a school, where Tomoya Ishiguro realizes that he is the spitting image of one of the real teachers, and so is able to smuggle himself into the daily life of the school. His schoolgirl victims include computer geek Yumi, librarian Seira and art student Asuka. Based on a computer game by Bishop. Another entry in the Vanilla Series. LNV

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Name: Private Sessions
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2001
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Tokubetsu Jugyo Video
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