Prisoner of the Pyramid

Prisoner of the Pyramid is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 07/11/1999

The DigiDestined are busy examining a large generator of sorts that is attached to many wires spread across the land. Izzy believes it to be Etemon's doing. Izzy attaches the device to his own computer to find out that he might be able to access Etemon's network. He soon gets a message on his computer from a Digimon in danger, and claims he knows where the final Crest is. So, the group set off for the where the Digimon is being kept. Joe is rather indesisive about going but, Izzy guides their way through the desert. T.K.’s tag begins glowing and he soon receives the Crest of Hope from a rock wall. This means that Sora’s crest is the last to be found, which gives the DigiDestined more motivation to save the captured Digimon. In removing T.K's crest from the wall, a tunnel is revealed and seems to be covered in some sort of hieroglyphics. Izzy soon decides that the strange writing might actually be coding, like for a computer. He comes up with the hypothesis that everything around them might in fact be data. This causes discourse in the group as they don’t know if they themselves are real or digital. Izzy soon calls up a holographic map of the Digital World, and they discover it looks a lot like Earth. He enters the email of the Digimon who sent the message to him and is able to pinpoint his location. Another holographic image of the Earth appears and it seems to match up almost identically to the map of the Digital World. He comes up with some more theories about their situations which eventually makes the group grow tired of all the complicated information. They are soon lead by Izzy to an upside down pyramid where they see Etemon patrolling the outside. Izzy keeps preaching that the Digital World is a shadow of the real one, and they should try not to get hurt, even if they believe they are just data. Tai, Joe, Izzy and Sora make their way into the pyramid, using a secret back door to avoid Etemon and his guards outside. The group navigates through a series of secret passageways and eventually makes their way to the system's ‘firewall’, an electric fence. Tai is able to make it through without even looking back, as he has been convinced that he is only data. They arrive in a strange room and find the captured Digimon, Datamon. He claims to be the webmaster of Etemon’s network and the group decides to help free him from his prison. As they are part way through the multiple step process in dismantling the prison walls, Etemon appears. All the digimon partners digivolve to fend him off.

During the battle with Etemon, Datamon escapes, taking Sora and Biyomon with him. He escapes through another firewall, and Tai follows. He is about to foolishly walk right through the wall and has to be held back by Joe. Izzy has to make him realizes that his life in this world is in as much danger as in the real world, due to the fact that they are linked. Tai panics and freezes, losing all the courage he previously had when he realizes he could be seriously injured, and lets Datamon get away. Suddenly Matt and Mimi appear with their digimon and force Tai to escape. Tai is in tears over his mistake and can do nothing but blame himself for not being able to rescue Sora.

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