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Prison is a anime/manga location
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Bon Clay

Bon Clay was once Mr. 2 of the mysterious Baroque Works. Now a stead fast ally of Monkey D. Luffy. He ate the Mane-Mane Fruit and has the ability to mimic the face and body of anyone his right hand touches.

Cobra Commander

Leader of the terrorist organization COBRA. He also makes a guest star appearance in Transformers. He has been the main villain of most G.I. Joe series, and has grown only more evil and darker over the years.


Seen in prison: G.I. Joe Renegades #10

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo, the main hero of the third arc of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga series, he is considered the most charismatic and well-known hero of the series, and the first Jojo introduced with a stand. The name of his stand is Star Platinum.

Kiyomasa Senji

A Deadman nicknamed 'The Crow'. He has the ability to form blood into scythes and loves battling in the Carnival Corpse, making him very dangerous and one of the most famous Deadmen.


One of the 3 Beasts who serve Esdeath. He is a former General and has power over water. He used to be Bulat superior and friend, but after becoming loyal to Esdeath he fought and killed his friend after he refused to join him after dying himself from poison.


Prison's Senior officer


An ally of the Voltron Force

Meiko Shiraki

Vice president for the underground student council.


Seen in prison: G.I. Joe Renegades #10

Saiyo Wong

A prisoner Gene had to break out in order to find to coordinates to the Galactic Leyline

Sir Crocodile

Crocodile is the leader of the Baroque Works as well as a former member of the Shichibukai. He possesses the power of the Suna Suna no Mi Fruit. He lost his title after losing to Luffy.

You Takami

A prisoner in Deadman Wonderland. He later become Ganta's friend at the prison, and plays a big role in Ganta's first carnival corpse against Minatsuki. The main reason being Minatsuki is his younger sister.


Seen in prison:

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