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Princess Tutu is an anime series in the Princess Tutu franchise
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What The Hell? Reviewed by punchdrunklove on March 17, 2010. punchdrunklove has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Princess Tutu. 1 out of 1 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
  Okay, so a while before I got an "Anime Vice", I finished this anime on recommendation. I'd love to know what was going through the mind of the sadistic bastard whom released this heart-wrenching and unsolvable love story to the public. I respect the art and I personally love the fact that they incorporated ballet into an anime so beautifully, but...what the hell were they thinking? I mean, it's The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet one-hundred fold---plus birds and dancing. I sat there for about an hour, wanting to cry and break someone's face all at the same time. I can appreciate a terrible ending just as much as the next person,but c'mon! 
Who decided it was alright for us to suffer!?  *raises hands to God dramatically* 
  Not only did she turn into a duck again, but Mytho goes off with Rue, who is just...*gag* ='( And Fakir, who did nothing, is left gimpy and alone, unable to develop a relationship with the girl he loves! Are you JOKING? And moreover, I thought that the anime ended way earlier, when Rue is defeated by Tutu and then Mytho is seemingly going to choose her, and Fakir isn't with anyone, but it's relatively okay. 
I was wrong, an then later disappointed. It was a beautiful anime, but not worth the emotional toil.
I give it a 6 out of ten, also being for the understandably inspired yet dry character designs.
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