Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu is an anime series in the Princess Tutu franchise
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The fairytale romance story about a passionate duck love struck by a lonely prince of her dreams. In this story she tries to find his heart so she can show her true feelings to him. but unfortunately there are those who want to keep the princes heart at bay.


Princess Tutu (プリンセスチュチュ Purinsesu Chuchu) was created by Ikuko Itoh in 2002. With the animation studio Hal Film Maker. It was made into a 2-volume manga illustrated by Mizuo Shinonome. ADV Films licensed both of the products.


This anime is based on a tragic and adventurous tale The Prince and the Raven written by the great storyteller Drosselmeyer. but this story remained unfinished and Drosselmeyer suddenly died. but unlike his life the story didn't end. the story was halted by the characters themselves, when the Prince took a treacherous blow to his own heart which sent the Raven to a deep sleep. And since that day everything has come to a halt that is until our story continues. Our story turns to a duck in a pond as she saw how lonely the Princes eyes were and fell in love with him. When Drosselmeyer found this out he was ecstatic finally his story can begin again. As naive as this duck was to believe this mysterious old storyteller her true quest was to get the Princes heart back to him. He gives her a magical pendant that not only turns her into a human girl but into the graceful ballerina Princess Tutu. Soon new characters are introduced not only to this anime but the Drosselmeyers story too. Our Princes true name is revealed as Mytho and his girlfriend Rue. Though Mytho has no heart Rue loves him just the same. But when his feelings start to get back to him these new colors in his gray eyes scare Rue. she turns into the Princess Kraehe so she can fight Princess Tutu. All of these characters together go to a ballet school where all there identities are hidden from one an other. but there is still one more character missing the loyal knight. Mythos knight is Fakir ever since he was little he took care of Mytho and as a knight his duty was to keep the story from repeating itself. Which made him and Princess tutu enemies. Fakir always discourages Mythos feelings and keeps him hidden from the world but once he starts to regain his senses he can finally disobey him. And as a knight he follows Mytho on his new quest to return his heart. But even though Princess Kraehe loves Mytho her father the Raven wants to kill the Prince. As their rivalry continues who will win the Princes heart and the quest.

Main Characters

Ahiru- This Anime starts with the bright female middle school figure. Her characteristic are clumsy, clueless, confused yet is considerate and thinks about others before herself. Her physical characteristics are pink long hair let down in a braid with messy yet sweet bangs framing her childish face. Her body is thin and long but strong and fine. Her secret is that she is actually a duck. A normal duck from a pond that had fallen for a prince. She was given a magical pendant so she can transform into a girl. But the pendant has one more special power it also turns her into the beautiful, graceful prima ballerina. When she is on stage retrieving a heart shard for her prince Mytho she is graceful as a swan. But in her ballet class most say she is lacking any grace whatsoever but she never fails to show her true self through dance.

Senior Mytho- This young handsome character also participates in ballet along with Duck. And he is also the prince Duck dreams about everyday. He has white soft hair that circles his perfect face while his limbs are lively yet swing like branches on a willow tree. Mytho is the Prince from the story 'The Prince and the Raven' he is the magical prince that gets his heart taken out and the one that stopped the story from it's tragic ending. Though the prince did loose his heart he never lost the will to save those smaller then him from danger. Without thinking twice, thousands of times he has risked his life for others. Usually his handsome face is dull and em but emotionless but with his feelings back he begins to smile again. In the end of his story he shows what a brave and generous prince he truly is.

Fakir- Fakir is Mytho's loyal knight. His soul purpose is to protect Mytho at any cost. Though his figure is robust and he never let's his guard down when he is with Mytho when he is alone he is both generous and kind. Even though he dislikes Princess Tutu for trying to regain the Princes heart inside he knows it's the right thing. Later in the series he discovers he is the descendent of Drosselmeyer. The one and only weakness is fear that his life will come to end like the knight in the story. But weakness or not he uses his gift with stories and brings this twisting tale to a truly magical ending.

Rue Kuroha- Rue is also one of our most beautifull students she is also a excellent in ballet not to mention is Mytho's girlfriend. Drosselmeyer appointed this character the role of the crow's daugther. Rue's new name becomes Princess Kraehe. Her new alter ego is a orphan girl stolen from her family that has been fed raven blood all her life. Raven blood is a curse that the more you love someone the more you pain them and hurt them. At first she is excited and feels powerful with this new gift but then she realized what curse has truly be called her. She joins forces with the good and accompanies there goal to bring the real prince back.


01 - Introduction0:36
02 - Morning Grace (TV-Size)1:52
03 - Kurumi Wari Ningyo Chiisai Jokyoku3:33
04 - Kurumi Wari Ningyo Koshinkyoku2:32
05 - Kurumi Wari Ningyo Kompeitono Odori2:05
06 - Drosselmeyer Fukatsu1:59
07 - Ichinichi no Hajimari2:40
08 - Rensho Kyoku3:24
09 - Ahiru no Komikaru~ Neko-Sensei Toi1:31
10 - Kurumi Wari NingyE Trepak1:09
11 - Kurumi Wari Ningyo Arabia no Odori3:34
12 - Kurumi Wari Ningyo Chugoku no Odori1:09
13 - Rensho Kyoku 23:37
14 - Watashi to Kekkon shite moraimasu yo0:14
15 - Aikyatchi0:08
16 - Ahiru Sentimental ni1:19
17 - Fushigi na Kinkan0:57
18 - Edel no Organ1:40
19 - Carmen Habanera2:14
20 - Dattan Hito no Odori11:22
21 - Tenrankai no E Promenade~ Tamago no Kara o tsuketa Hina no Odori4:29
22 - Giselle Hilarion no Toi4:29
23 - Kurumi Wari Ningyo Ashi Fue no Odori2:22
24 - Kurumi Wari Ningyo Hana no Warutsu7:02
25 - Dobutsu no Shanikusai Suizokukan2:10
26 - Watakushi no Koi wa chiisai keredo (TV-Size)1:33

Characters & Voice Actors

Christian, Luci
Katou, Nanae
Margiotti, Beatrice
Hauser, Sarah
Kim, Seo Yeong
Sakurai, Takahiro
Patton, Chris
Ootsuda, Hiromi
O, In Seong
Yanagi, Naoki
Hickman, Jay
Byeon, Hyeon Wu
Mizuki, Nana
Boone, Jessica
Kwan, Andrea


Chung, Jin Ho
Sayama, Kiyoko
Satou, Junichi
Motoyama, Satoshi
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 18
Akt 16 - Kapitel des Junges: Prayers of a Maiden ~ Gebet einer Jungfrau (Part 1)
1 - 17
Akt 15 - Kapitel des Junges: Coppelia (Part 2)
1 - 16
Akt 15 - Kapitel des Junges: Coppelia (Part 1)
1 - 15
Akt 14 - Kapitel des Junges: Monster Raven ~ Blumenwalzer (Part 2)
1 - 14
Akt 14 - Kapitel des Junges: Monster Raven ~ Blumenwalzer (Part 1)
1 - 13
Akt 13 - Kapitel des Eies: Swan Lake ~ Schwanensee
1 - 12
Akt 12 - Kapitel des Eies: Banquet of Darkness ~ Scheherazade
1 - 11
Akt 11 - Kapitel des Eies: La Sylphide
1 - 10
Akt 10 - Kapitel des Eies: Cinderella ~ Aschenbrödel: Walzer-Coda
1 - 9
Akt 09 - Kapitel des Eies: Black Shoes ~ Bilder einer Ausstellung: Alten Schloß
1 - 8
Akt 08 - Kapitel des Eies: The Fountain of Warriors ~ Fantasie-Overtüre zu "Romeo und Julia"
1 - 7
Akt 07 - Kapitel des Eies: Raven Princess ~ An der schönen blauen Donau
1 - 6
Akt 06 - Kapitel des Eies: Aurora Dreaming ~ Dornröschen: Prolog
1 - 5
Akt 05 - Kapitel des Eies: On the Eve of the Fire Festival ~ Bilder einer Ausstellung: Die Katakomben
1 - 4
Akt 04 - Kapitel des Eies: Giselle
1 - 3
Akt 03 - Kapitel des Eies: A Princess`s Oath ~ Dornröschen: Panorama
1 - 2
Akt 02 - Kapitel des Eies: Pieces of the Heart ~ Schwanensee: Scène finale
1 - 1
Akt 01 - Kapitel des Eies: Ahiru and the Prince ~ Der Nußknacker: Blumenwalzer

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General Information Edit
Name Princess Tutu
Name: プリンセスチュチュ
Romaji: Purinsesu Chuchu
Publisher HAL Film Maker
Start Year 2002
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