Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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A duck is magically turned into a girl so that she can attempt to romance her prince, who is a character from a story come to life-- along with his enemy, the Raven.



The story begins with Drosselmeyer, a writer who's stories become reality after he finishes his writings. However, those who found out about his power cut off his hands and killed him, due to their fear of his power. From one of the stories, then, was a raging battle between the Raven and the Prince. Eventually, the Raven escaped into the real world, and the Prince shattered his own heart to follow the Raven in the hopes to seal him away again.

When Drosselmeyer died, he was still able to control his stories. So he changed a duck into a girl, named Duck. And when she quacked, she turned into a duck. But when she was in contact with water, she turned back into a girl. To help Prince Mytho, Ahiru (Duck) decides to attend the same school Mytho attends, as well as the same ballet classes. She learns of his shattered heart, and to help him turns in to Princess Tutu. To do this, she uses her egg-shaped necklace, which glows red when a heart shard is near. When she is near a heart shard, she invites the carrier to dance with her, and in an attempt to remove the shard, she helps the person release all the negative energy and pressure. She will then give the shard to Mytho himself.

As Ahiru continues to remove heart shards and gives them to Mythos, Rue Mytho's girlfriend, fears that Mythos will fall in love with someone else, releasing her own power of Princess Kraehe. Fakir, Mytho's friend, also tries to stop Tutu, so Mythos won't have to try and stop Raven again. Even with the interferences, Raven is still trying to get Tutu. In time, Fakir learns that he is a decedant from Drosselmeyer. With the aid of Rue, Ahiru, and Mythos, he stops Raven going against Drosselmeyer, and eventually defeats him.

General Information Edit
Name: Princess Tutu
Name: プリンセスチュチュ
Romaji: Purinsesu Chuchu
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