Princess Shrine Maiden of the Long Sword

Princess Shrine Maiden of the Long Sword is an anime episode of Campione! that was released on 09/14/2012
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A maiden has come willingly to join Godou’s ranks, but his currents Knights have other plans.
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Plot Summary

Ena asks Mariya if she is the king's concubine, and she tells Mariya that she cannot lose to the Italian mistresses, Erica and Liliana. She asks Yuri to divide duties by making Yuri handle childbearing and sex while she does the rest. Later at school, Godou's little sister is mad that his brother has pick another girl from his vacation in Italy. In the flashback, Liliana uses the same technique that Erica used to sit close to Godou. Erica tells Yuri that Godou will not take Liliana seriously since Godou sees Liliana as his knight. At Yuri's home, Godou sees Ena bowing in front of him, and Ena states she is here to marry him alongside Yuri. When Ena counts three mistresses, Godou states that they are his friends. A brief silence occurs, and Ena asks Godou if he thinks Yuri as his friend. Ena asks Yuri how she feel, but before Yuri can say anything, Liliana speaks up. Ena calls Liliana number two because she is the second strongest. Erica is nearby, and Ena looks forward to speak with Erica. The two leave Godou, Yuri, and Liliana to have a private time.

In front of school, Liliana and Yuri leave Godou once Erica arrives. Godou asks Erica if she wants to walk home with him. Erica points to Shizuka who wants to have a turn. Shizuka asks him if he met the girl of the tea club, Ena. Meanwhile, Athena is fighting against a mysterious foe in the sky. At a pool, Liliana shares a meaningless glance with Yuri, and Shizuka eats lunch with Godou. Erica appears and takes a bite. When she compliments Shizuka's lunch, Shizuka storms off. Erica points out that Yuri and Liliana has been acting strange. She notes that Godou has not gone out with her on a date. Later, Erica calls Liliana and teases her about her writing. She informs Liliana about her date with Godou. After she ends her call with Liliana, she calls Yuri. Over at Godou's home, Erica tells Shizuka that she is borrowing Godou. At a women's lingerie store, Erica teases Godou more, and after a montage of places that Erica and Godou visited, they sit down to eat ice cream. Erica points to a tower that Godou broke. Over at Yuri's shrine, Liliana paces and wonders about Erica and Godou. Yuri reassures Liliana, and when Liliana asks Yuri if she cares about Godou, Yuri states that she is fine if Godou views her as a friend. The two share a couple of laughs.

As the day is almost over, Erica brings Godou to another landmark, the place where Godou fought Athena. When storm clouds roll in, Ena arrives to have her one on one match with Erica. The two begin clashing with their swords, and Ena fights with her sword sheathe. Ena goes off about how a Japanese man should have Japanese mistresses. Erica finds Ena quite skilled, and she tempers her sword with electricity. Godou jumps in, and the girls stop before they skewered him. Ena activates her special abilities, and Godou stops Ena. Yet, Godou finds himself sinking into a black hole. Ena tells Erica that Godou is in the intermediate world (astral plane). She explains her grandfather is one of the heroes who wield the katana called Ama no Murakumo.

Then, Erica dives into the black hole with Ena chasing after her. At Shizuka's home, Shizuka watches TV. Suddenly, Athena falls through the roof and asks if Godou is here.

Points of Interest

  • Ena makes her first anime debut.
  • Ena is an advent mage armed with a katana.
  • Ena's grandfather is Haya Susano Wo No Mikoto.
  • Ena's sword is called Ama no Murakumo.


  • Japanese Name: 太刀の媛巫女
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

Characters & Voice Actors

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Jo Takezuki Original Concept Jo Takezuki is the original creator of Campione!
Keizo Kusakawa Director An anime director employed at the studio Seven Arcs.


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