Princess of Light

Princess of Light is an anime episode of Valvrave the Liberator that was released on 05/30/2013
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Students of Sakimori are mourning for Aina. L-elf is held prisoner by the students, and he recalls the time he first met Lieselotte. Sakimori is attacked by the Dorssians. Haruto and Saki go out to battle against them, trusting L-elf's tactical advices.
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Plot Summary

Princess of Light

Hikari no Oujo
Theme Music
Opening"Preserved Roses"
Ending"Soba ni Iru yo"
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Years ago in a camp, L-elf runs through the snow to escape. He encounters a young princess chasing after a rabbit. When the guards arrive on scene, L-elf grabs the princess and threatens to kill her with the princess's hairpin. In the present, L-elf wakes up and glances at Takumi's watch. He informs Haruto's group that they have six hours until their country will fall, and he reminds Haruto about his pact. Over at the shrine, Saki hums a song and regrets not being strong enough to save Aina. In Sakimori Academy, Marie gives Haruto, Aina's shattered and bloody glasses. Kyuuma grabs Haruto and asks him why he couldn't save Aina until Shoko stops him. The news has fallen hard on the other students. In the Valvrave garage, Takumi assists Rion in wiping Aina's blood off the floors.

Meanwhile in Captian Cain's command room, A-drei shares photos of the Valvrave with Captain Cain. Cain has A-drei oversee the next operation of infiltrating JIOR 77. Elsewhere on deck, Kriemhild asks X-eins and his group why Captain Cain has not reported L-elf's actions. In Akira's room, Shoko frees Akira (after being tied by L-elf earlier) and cries over Aina's death. When Satomi comes in Akira's room, Akira kicks out Satomi. Satomi is shocked that Akira is talking with someone else instead of him. Meanwhile, Kyuuma begs Takumi to let him pilot a Valvrave. Takumi tells Kyuuma to live for Aina's sake. As Satomi goes down the hallway, he finds Raizou demanding the other students to let him go and pilot a Valvrave. Then, the emergency alarm sounds out. Haruto and Saki head out into space to confront the Dorssians. Then, Q-vier's Ideal pursues Saki. Meanwhile, A-drei and his men board JIOR 77. Haruto and Saki have trouble fending off the soldiers. Out in sea, A-drei and his men use the navy ships to bombard the area outside of Sakimori Academy. A-drei informs the students to surrender via intercom. When L-elf hears A-drei, Raizou tells L-elf not to do anything funny. Kyuuma rushes to the Valvrave hangar, but he gets shot by A-drei's men. In L-elf's cell, Satomi threatens L-elf to call off the attack. Shoko arrives to stop Satomi and patches a call to Haruto. Despite Takahi's protests, Haruto agrees to L-elf's pact and gives him a peace sign in order to save everyone's dreams. L-elf easily frees himself and agrees to help Haruto.

While L-elf charges pass the guards and kills them easily, he instructs Haruto to grab Saki and arrive a specific coordinate. He tells Haruto to fire at a specific point on the module that unleashes sea water. As a result, the sea water cools down the Valvrave while at the same time, it sinks the navy ships. When the numbers on Haruto's dashboard reaches 666, Haruto has his Valvrave commit hanakiri. L-elf distracts X-eins by diving his ship into X-eins's Ideal. He tells Haruto to target the Dorssian Fleet. Meanwhile, Kyuuma regrets not being able to do anything. Drifting into space, L-elf recalls his first meeting with Princess Lieselotte. Haruto arrives to rescue L-elf. Meanwhile, Captain Cain looks forward to meeting his bride as he gazes upon the photos of the Valvrave.

Points of Interest

  • A-drei's right glass eye is purple.
  • According to Captain Cain, the Light of Rune is Valvrave One's special technique.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

H-neun: "You're as lovely as ever, Kriemhild my dear! ... I'm a man, she's a woman."
Kriemhild: "No, I'm an adult, and you're a horny child."
H-neun: "In that case, please make a man out of me!"
— Kriemhild lecturing H-neun
Raizou: "The ARUS fleet got taken out! So we have no choice but to fight, right? Do you want even more students to die?!"
Satomi: "We're students. We can't fight a war. Besides, JIOR law prohibits its citizens from carrying guns."
Raizou: "Are you some kind of moron? We're under enemy attack! Our friends are dying!"
— Satomoi and Raizou's Argument
Princess Lieselotte: "Let's go halvsies, then. My mother told me that a woman's hair is her life."
— Princess Lieselotte giving a piece of her hair to L-elf

Characters & Voice Actors

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Aki Toyosaki ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Raizou Yamada ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Yūichi Nakamura ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Rion Nanami ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Katsura Hoshino Character Artist/Designer The mangaka who created D.Gray-Man
Ichiro Okochi Series Composition Ichirō Ōkouchi is a novelist and screenplay writer. He wrote the screnplay for the anime series Code Geass, Code Geass R2, and Eureka Seven.
Keiji Goto Storyboard
Akira Senju Music
ELISA ED Theme Song: "Soba ni Iru yo" (そばにいるよ)
Nana Mizuki OP Theme Song: "Preserved Roses"
T.M.Revolution OP Theme Song: "Preserved Roses"
Kou Matsuo An anime director.


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