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Anime/Manga Review #1 : Princess Nine Reviewed by SMXLR8 on Feb. 26, 2014. SMXLR8 has written 3 reviews. His/her last review was for Hero Co., Ltd. 3 out of 4 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 3 users found this review helpful.


Hello animevice and welcome to my first anime/manga review. Today I will will be reviewing an anime that I saw on the Funimation on demand. The anime that I am talking about is princess Nine English version. The 1st time that I saw this anime was on funimation on demand and I thought that it look kind of interesting. The 2nd time I saw it was when I saw the last episode in subtitles but still have not watched it. The 3rd time was when I decided to sit down and actually watch it so this the my review on what I thought about it. I will divide this review into 4 parts , the intro , the story/plot , characters and my conclusion.

The Story / Plot

The story behind this anime is that the chairperson who happens to be a woman see's the Daughter of her ex boyfriend and decides to make a baseball team with all girls. When I 1st saw this anime on demand , it seems really cool since we don't have girls play baseball so it was an interesting look. By the title of the anime most people could probably tell what it was about , especially if you know baseball well enough . I mean Princess which refers to the girls who are rich or rich in character since the school the go to is a high class school and nine which refers to the baseball so together the title is rich / high maintenance girls who play baseball. The main focus of the story is that 9 girls that make up the baseball team on their journey to prove that they are just as good as the male players. The story also focus's on the friendship of the the girls. The friendship and rivalries of the girls does show some realism since I would guess that how girls act when they play softball as well. The romance of the series was OK with the whole love triangle with the Main character Ryo and here rival and her lover interest/boyfriend was interesting since showed when there were love problem/ distractions her playing would suffer because of it. Overall the story show realism in what you would expect from a sports and the athletes that play them and families of those athletes.


Princess Nine and their manager
Princess Nine and their manager

The character of the series are quite entertaining that it made the anime some what enjoyable. These nine and their manager each bring their own sense of character to the team. Through out the anime the girls learn to trust each other and to believe in their own abilities which is a good thing. There was diffidently a sense of love in the series since in the end 2 of the girls got boyfriends and the girls have a love for the game of baseball and a love for their team mates. The main focus that I am doing is the girls since they are the story of this anime.


My conclusion of of this anime is that it's a good 26 episode series that has an interesting idea for sports. I myself would be happy to see this happen in the real world . There are some evidence of females trying to prove that they are equal to males which is OK as long they don't think they are better then males cause if that happens that means that their point and reason for doing it was a waste of time and pointless. The ending was an open ending which means it's up for interpretation which is not a good thing but I guess it works here.

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