Almost Otaku: What Anime Would You Show Friends?

Topic started by No_name_here on June 20, 2010. Last post by MrKlorox 4 years, 6 months ago.
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@holyhawk7666 said:
"I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Fullmetal Alchemist yet.  That show is the only reason I even CONSIDER watching anime "

Oh yeah, that one to, I forgot, it's actualy one of my favourite anime. 
Oh, and another manga/anime I recomend to people: 
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I'd probably start out with showing them Cowboy Bebop and follow it up with Dragon Ball (the original, not Z or GT).  Those were the two series that really got me into anime.  After that I'd probably move them into something like Claymore or Welcome to the NHK depending on the person.
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For movies my pick would be The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, it's as accessible as it gets, at least for a mayority of it's runtime. 
For manga I would say Emma or Pluto, basically anything that isn't immediately identifiable as Japanese with all the name suffixes and stuff that's going on. 
They are good exceptions that I think are easier for more people to enjoy, but they aren't necessarily representive of the genre as a whole, so I have my doubts that people who enjoy them will grow to enjoy other anime. As for easing someone into it though, well, you've gotta start somewhere.
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Gundam Wing
Tenchi Muyo
All these I watched when I was VERY new to anime, DBZ was first.
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I agree with Tom and Kris, for something really accessible I would start with the Studio Ghibli films. Akira is a great choice too, but it's too adult (and intelligent) in terms of content for just anyone. If we're talking ongoing series then I would suggest something fun like Macross, or Death Note for teens/young adults. I'd also suggest series like Monster and/or Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for a mature audience that can appreciate complex storytelling.  For kids I would go with classics like Astro Boy (but probably the 2003 version). 
I'd say kids today are probably already pretty familar with anime, but maybe not as much with older audiences. Whether younger generations like it or not is a question for each individual, but I am sure most kids have already been exposed to anime on some level (including anime inspired stuff like Avatar: The Last Airbender).
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Find what they are interested in, and start from there. If they are interested in Fantasy, Escaflowne could indeed be a good choice, and Princess Mononoke as well, or if they want something more laid back, Aria. If they are interested in SF (and in ascending order), Last Exile,Cowboy Bebop, Planetes, and GitS:SAC. El Cazador de la Bruja is a good Girls with Guns intro - its the most fun of the Bee Train Trilogy - and seems to be available wherever fine Funimation streams are selling your eyeballs to advertisers.
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To friends? maybe School Days to my girlfriends, and to my duders some  Agent Aika action.
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I have to say Kill Bill, only because it was my true gateway, and while I've heard it get alot of flack from "hardcore" anime fans, the brief O-Ren Ishii animated interlude is breath taking.
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Gundam seed
samuri x
outlaw star
Cowboy bebop
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If you want to introduce someone to anime then I found that you don't give them anime that conforms to the initial impressions they already have so anything with huge spiked hair and giant swords is a no-go. Instead I would either recommend  Monster or  Planetes. They are two series that immediately come to mind that would instantly transfer well to a Western TV show. Hell, Monster is so far removed from anime conventions that you think it was a TV show first and foremost. Then afterwards you'd introduce the likes of Death Note, Cowboy Bebop or Trigun and see what happens.
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That's pretty much what I started with! Ah Toonami..*sighs with nostalgia*

Claymore is good as it's a story that develops through the entire series (too bad they tried to bring it to a close as a second season would be awesome from what I've read of the manga). The animation is good, too and only a small stretch of the imagination is needed for noobs. Now, NHK, I got through that one but in my opinion it takes a certain type of person to watch it. It's comedic and deals with being a loner and total bum but its strangeness and sometimes confusing moments could make it hard to follow as a beginner.
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The first anime I ever watched was FLCL and that was back when adult swim actually aired anime. I'm a bit odd though, so the crazy weirdness that is FLCL got me into the anime thing. Then I started dating a guy who loved neon genesis evangalion and he had a sister-in-law who is Japanese and loved inuyasha and ranma 1/2. add that to the fact that adult swim was airing family guy, futurama, and 6 animes 5 nights a week... and that's how i got hooked. :P
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@Beard:  i watch a lot of stuff on
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As someone who just joined this site from the GB community I would have to recommend the series that made me come here to look for news about it. 
This would of course be Black Lagoon!
Now I have not seen much anime but some people online said I should check out Cowboy Bebop since I liked Lagoon.  Now even though I find Bebop entertaining in it's own regard, it still ain't no Black Lagoon. 
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I'm pretty much a non-anime fan but I really enjoyed Evangelion and FLCL and was lucky enough to come across them before they hit Adult Swim.
I saw Akira when I was really young before I was old enough to understand anything. I should check it out again now that I have a blu-ray player.
I started watching DBZ as my own first anime when it was on Toonami but have come to really despise that style of drawn out action soap opera (isn't that called shonen or something?).
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