Princess Knight Characters

Princess Knight is an anime series in the Princess Knight franchise
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Heckett is the daughter of Satan. While she initially appears evil, she later reveals she is on the side of good and helps Princess Sapphire to ruin her father's evil schemes.

Prince Frank

The young prince of neighboring kingdom Goldland and Sapphire's love interest.

Princess Sapphire

Princess Sapphire is a girl who must disguise herself as a boy, so that she may be eligible for the throne. She has excellent skill with a sword and fights crime at night under the disguise, The Masked Phantom Knight. She also has a strong sense of justice.


A powerful warlock and Heckett's father. Satan's main goal is to steal Sapphire's special two-hearted soul and taking over the kingdom of Silverland.


A powerful witch who is married to the warlock Satan and is heckett's mother.


A pint-sized angel who is sent to earth to help Princess Sapphire.

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