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Akio Ohtori

The attractive and sexually induced acting chairman of the Ohtori Academy. It's hinted that he and Dios were one and the same in his youth, but he lost his purpose as a prince making him possibly comparable to a fallen angel.


The main protagnist of the Hellsing series. Alucard is really count Dracula who was defeated by Abraham Van Hellsing before the series start. He became the Hellsing Organizations weapon against the undead and is truly the most powerful vampire in existence.


A Prince from the planet Pollux, he is the older brother of Romelle and Bandor, as well as being Allura's cousin. He was tragically transformed into a Robeast and killed in battle with Voltron.


Prince of the planet Pollux, he is Romelle's younger brother and Allura's cousin


Cab is a human ally of the Autobots, a Headmaster Jr, and a Prince.


The sought-out prince from Utena's childhood. Although he and his powers were sealed away, he persisted to aid Utena in her times of need, suggesting that he may be her guardian angel of sorts.


Fukaboshi is a shark merman and the eldest of the three sons of the royal Neptune family on Fishman Island.

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

The Demon King's son sent to earth in order to be raised by a human and destroy humanity. He is strongly attached to Oga, constantly clinging onto his back or sitting on his head.


Son of the late King Krichevskoy. He is the true heir to the throne, and he intends to prove it.

Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge is a cast-away prince of the Britannian Empire. Once given the power of Geass, he created the persona of Zero and led his army, the Black Knight, to destroy Britannia, create a peaceful world for his sister, Nunnally; and discover the truth of his mother's murder.

Ling Yao

Ling Yao is the twelfth prince of the Xing Royal Family. He came to Amestris to discover a key to immortality to gain the favor of the emperor. He willingly accepted the possession of the homunculus, Greed.


Manboshi is an opah merman and the last of the three sons of the royal Neptune family on Fish-Man Island.


Marco is the Prince of Baritone


Previously an S-class mage of the Fairy Tail guild and one of their most powerful members. He now serves as the king of Edolas.


A once heroic prince, Mytho is left emotionless after an encounter with an evil crow.

Numa Seika

Numa Seika was the prince of the Northern Tribes in the Akame ga Kill series. After his army was destroyed by Esdeath, she roke his mind, spirit and killed him after having him lick her boot.

Odysseus eu Britannia

Odysseus eu Britannia is the First Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. Despite his higher position in the royal family, he seems to have the least about of drive.

Ororon Jem Farrell

Youngest of the Devil's seven sons. He is the protagonist of The Demon Ororon manga.

Philionel El Di Saillune

Philionel is the crown prince of Saillune and father of Amelia and Naga.


Pokota is a young sorcerer and prince of the kingdom of Taforashia. He is now in a stuffed animal body


The playboy Prince of a advanced race of human from another dimension, he is banished to Earth by his enraged father who has caught him having sex with two servants. He must earn the love of six women on Earth in order to end his exile and return home.

Prince Bokar

Sent by King Zarkon to infiltrate the Voltron Force. Prince Bokar gained Allura's trust (and attraction) and was given the blue lion to pilot as his own, his true identity was discovered though and he reverted to his true form, a serpent like Robeast.

Prince Franchesco

The antagonist in "City of Cin" and Princess Beatrice's spouse. He is the ruthless ruler of a foreign country where rape is legal and it is a crime not to be pregnant, intent on breeding the next generation of warriors.

Prince Frank

The young prince of neighboring kingdom Goldland and Sapphire's love interest.

Prince Lotor

Evil son of the Drule King Zarkon. He has an attraction to Princess Allura.

Prince Soma

Prince Soma Asman Kadar is the prince of Bengal

Prince Tabor

The nephew of King Zarkon, Tabor oversees slavery on the planet Nemon. In the GoLion version Yurak kills him.

Ranba Ru

Kaolla Su's older brother, only appears in the anime.


Ryuboshi is an oarfish merman and the middle of the three sons of the royal Neptune family on Fishman Island.

Schneizel el Britannia

Schneizel el Britannia is the second prince of Britannia Empire and the only man to ever defeat Lelouch in chess in the past.

Siddhartha Gautama

Former indian prince and the founder of Buddhism.


The brother of Vegeta.


V.V. is the twin brother of the Britannian Emperor, Charles di Britannia. He is one of the immortal Code holders who can grant the Geass power.


Vegeta is the prince of the Saiyan race, he is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

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