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The playboy Prince of a advanced race of human from another dimension, he is banished to Earth by his enraged father who has caught him having sex with two servants. He must earn the love of six women on Earth in order to end his exile and return home.


A smooth, suave womanizing playboy who cares more about pleasuring women through sex rather than preparing himself to become the next King of Magilinarsa, the nameless Prince finds himself being banished through a dimensional portal down to Earth after his enraged father catches him having sex with two of his personal servants. Now stuck on the planet Earth and unable to return back home until he can secure the love of six women on Earth, the Prince must do everything in his power to seek out and find true love among the six women in order to end his exile.


Prince was originally created by Yuuki Homura for use in the Pipiruma! manga. He first appears in Pipiruma! Volume One.


At the beginning of the story, the Prince does not care about anything other than having wild sexual flings with his servants, seeing women as mere objects of pleasure. After he is banished to Earth, the Prince begins to notice that there is a lot more to women than just having wild sex, and he begins to appreciate them for who they really are, just not what they can do for him. He becomes the loving, compassionate boyfriend of the beautiful Yui, the first woman that he came across shortly after arriving on Earth, and starts going out of his own way trying to help other women who are troubled.

Early Years

Nothing is known in regards to the early years of Prince's life.

Prince's Involvement in the Pipiruma! Franchise (H-manga)

Pipiruma! Volume One

Chapter One

As we are first introduced to the Prince, he is currently in the middle of having passionate sex with two of his personal servants. After he helps the black-haired servant achieve orgasm, the Prince prepares to swap over to the other servant, who is asking him to give her pleasure once again. Before he can turn his love back towards her, the enraged King of Magilinarsa, who happens to be his father, throws the bedroom doors open, disgusted by the constant flings that the eventual heir to his throne is having all of the time. After shouting at the hastily-dressing servants to get back to work, the King turns his anger upon his surprised son, who has never seen his father blow up at him in regards to his sexual flings with the servants of the castle. At his breaking point, the King decides that it is time to give his spoiled son some "tough love" in order to shape him up into the proper heir to his throne, and sets his plans into motion. Casting a powerful spell upon his stunned son, he opens a dimensional portal and casts his son into it, hereby banishing him to the planet Earth until the Prince can earn the love of six women during his exile on Earth.

Still in shock from what has just happened, the Prince finds himself sitting down in the middle of a empty sidewalk in Japan during a rainstorm. Before he can fully accept what has just happened to his now-chaotic life, he is approached by a tall, beautiful woman carrying an umbrella, who asks him if he is ok or not. Taking notice of her, the Prince studies her body closely, taking note of her "boyish, yet beautiful" figure, charming smile, and most notably her large bust. Deciding that this woman will be the first love on Earth that he will earn, the Prince accepts her offer of accompanying her home to wait out the rainstorm, helping her carry her bag home. Once there, he cleans himself up while she puts away her things, and once he emerges from the bathroom, he thanks her for her thoughtfulness in regards to helping him. Before Yui can even properly reply to his kind words, she is stunned when he leans forward and gives her a passionate kiss, which causes her to blush. Stammering, eyes wide open in shock, Yui demands to know as to what in the hell is he doing, to which he replies "You don't like that kind of skinship?". Somewhat relieved, she guesses that it was something that foreigners like him would do, but he notices that she said it was her first time in her response. Smiling, the Prince makes his move, and before Yui can fully realize what is happening, he softly pushes her back onto the bed behind her and begins engaging her in sex. Being a virgin, Yui is worried, but once the Prince beging utilizing all of his skills in bed, she finds herself falling hopelessly in love with him after they achieve orgasm together.

After their wild romp, the Prince finds himself relaxing in bed, with the sleeping Yui laying in bed beside him. Noticing something odd, the Prince reaches down and grabs his necklace that has a 6-pointed symbol similar to the Star of David upon it. Looking at the top point of the symbol, he notices that it has begun to glow softly, symbolizing the first of the six loves that he needs to earn in order to end his exile. Waking up, Yui sits up and asks him if something was wrong, to which he replies "No, it's nothing. Do you want to do it one more time?".

Chapter Two

The next day, the Prince finds himself flirting with some of the beautiful women at the university as he and Yui walk through the halls towards her class. Disapproving of his constant flirting towards the other women since they are now in a relationship, Yui voices her displeasure with him. Telling her that it was ok, since she was the best girl of them all, the Prince departs off down the hallway when Yui reaches her classroom for lecture. Humming a tune to himself, the Prince makes his way down the hallway past all sorts of beautiful women, admiring their beauty as he passes them by. Not paying attention to where he is going, he accidentally bumps into one of the female students, knocking the binder out of Hayate Sera's hands and sending her crashing onto the floor. Apologizing for being so clumsy, the Prince offers to help the girl that he banged into, but she rejects him coldly, having no interest in making contact with any man. Stunned that he has been rejected for the first time in his life by a woman, the Prince stammers that he would like to take her out to eat, but is once again shot down when Hayate tells him that she would rather eat at home.

Blown away that he has been rejected twice in the span of under a minute, the Prince reaches out to touch her shoulder, telling Hayate that she did not need to be so unfriendly towards him. As soon as his hand makes contact with her body, Hayate snaps at him, telling him to not touch her. With that, she storms off, leaving the stunned Prince standing in the hallway, wide-eyed in shock. But it was not the third rejection that has left him stunned, but what he saw when his hand made brief contact with her body. As soon as he touched her, a terrible vision of the horrific pain and suffering that Hayate had endured in her life filled his head, revealing to him as to why she had such a strong distrust and bitter hatred for men. Determined to help make things right for the troubled Hayate, thePrince decides that he will be the one to bring a end to her terrible pain and restore her back to the way she was prior to being injured and raped. Keeping close to her, the Prince follows Hayate off of campus and all of the way back to her house, where she finally notices that he has been "stalking" her to her front door. Asking him as to what is he doing, since she might call the police on him for stalking her home, he tells her that he just wants her to know the significance of love. Somewhat confused by his words, Hayatedecides that he is just some pervert who has confused love and sex since her body is his goal. Not wanting to cause a scene, she allows him into her house, deciding that if she just gives into him and allows him to rape her, then no trouble will be caused.

Leading him into her bedroom, Hayate begins to undress, telling him to "get on with it and go away" since she has decided that he can just rape her now so that it would put a end to this "delusion" of his. Eager to show her true pleasure, the Prince begins to seduce her, toying with both her breasts and clitoris as he begins to work his magic upon her body. They have wild, passionate sex until they both achieve orgasm together, Hayate blown away by just how wonderful sex can really be in stark comparison to the time she was gang raped. Somewhat disgusted that she allowed him to unleash his sperm inside of her body, Hayate finds herself lying in bed, covering herself with a blanket as the Prince tries to talk to her. Crying, she turns to face him, condemning him for "trying to sugarcoat" what had just happened, but before she can finish her angry words, her body begins to lift off of the mattress, floating several feet above the ground. Freaking out, Hayate tries to figure out why this is happening to her, but stops when the Prince reveals to her what he has just done to her body through the magic he used during sex. He tells her that he has not only repaired her damaged legs that were injured in the accident, but has also restored her virginity that was stolen away from her when she was brutally raped by a gang of men several years ago. Eyes open wide in pure disbelief, she is utterly blown away at the kindness and help that this mysterious man has just given her through magic.

Later that day, both Hayate and the Prince make their way back towards the university, talking with each other about exactly went down while they were having sex. The Prince tells her that due to a quirk with his abilities, he can only use magic when having sex, thus explaining why he did what he did with her. Not fully convinced by his logic, Hayate is just grateful that he has removed the pain that had been haunting her for years, and she now looks forward to opening her heart to her friend Mizuno. Once back at the front gates,Hayate bids the Prince farewell as she goes over towards where Mizuno is standing. Waving goodbye, the Prince is interrupted by the arrival of Yui, who wants to know why he is getting along with "Sera-san" so well, but stops when she notices him watching the departing Hayate. Turning to watch, both Yui and the Prince observe Hayate joyfully asking her friend Mizuno out for dinner, much to his shock and surprise, having been coldly rejected by her earlier in the day. From under the Prince's shirt, the soft glow of the second point of the six-pointed symbol on his necklace becoming illuminated dimly shines through his shirt, symbolizing the second of the six loves that he needs in order to end his exile on Earth.

Chapter Three

Sitting down at one of the tables enjoying both his glass of water and the beautiful women who work at the maid cafe that his girlfriend Yui works at, the Prince's behavior (staring at her coworkers in their skimpy outfits) draws the ire of the annoyed Yui, who is slightly jealous that her boyfriend won't stop checking out other women. When she confronts him about being there only ordering glasses of water, he starts to tell her that there are plenty of empty seats for other patrons to sit down, but becomes distracted when one of her coworkers leans over and reveals her panties to him when her tiny skirt lifts up. Now infuriated by his perverted train of thought, Yui proceeds to beat some sense into the Prince by hitting him in the head with her fists. Cringing from the painful punches to the back of his head, the Prince leans forward in pain, clutching his sore head as Yui notices a new customer entering the cafe and turns her attention to the new patron. The patron in question is Houjou, who politely asks if Yui is "Sawamori Yui-san", since she is looking to talk to her boyfriend the Prince. Thinking that Houjou is just some transgender fool who seeks to steal away his beautiful girlfriend, the Prince stands up and grabs Yui, telling the surprised Houjou to lay off his girlfriend, claiming that he will never allow a transgender person to steal Yui away from him. After several exchanges, the situation is resolved, with Yui heading off to resume her duties at the cafe while the Prince and Houjou begin talking to each other. As they talk, Houjou reveals to the Prince that she has heard from Hayate that he can use magic to change things, and expresses her intent to have him use that magical power in order to transform her into a man. Interested, the Prince tells her that he can use magic, but it will require some sort of compensation from Houjou in return for him using his powers to transform her into a man. Confident, Houjou offers the Prince her virginity, hoping that it will be enough of a factor that will sway the Prince into making her wish come true. The deal struck between the two of them, both the Prince and Houjou depart from the cafe, with the curious Yui looking on in slightly confused as to what the two of them were discussing.

Once at the local hotel, the freshly showered Prince finds himself sitting on the edge of the bed, his mind pondering why would such a beautiful female with such a nice figure and ample breasts give it all up in order to become a man as he waits for Houjou to emerge from the bathroom. The bathroom door opens, and out comes Houjou, completely naked apart from the white bath towel that covers both of her breasts and genital region. Grinning slightly, the Prince tries to tell her that she does not need to force herself to do this, but Houjou interrupts him by pinning him down onto the bed, demanding that she desperately needs him to turn her into a man with his powers. Shaking his head, the Prince watches the towel slip off of her body, revealing her large breasts to him as he tells her "...and you such nice breasts, such a waste". Wanting her first and only time having sex as a woman to be as good as posible, the Prince makes his move, promising to "teach her the pleasures of a woman's body" as he begins toying with her breasts. Still somewhat apprehensive about having sex with a man she does not love, Houjou protests slightly when he begins making liberal use of his fingers and tongue upon her most sensitive regions, but as he continues to stimulate her, she gives into the passion and pleasure that is sweeping throughout her body. After several minutes, she reaches her first orgasm and is blown away by just how amazing sex can be as the Prince prepares to start the final act of the magical process that will turn Houjou into a man once and for all. Asking her one more time if she really wants to go through with this, since he will be unable to reverse the process once she has become a man, Houjou tells him yes, since this is the one thing that she craves most in order to make Karen's dream of having children together a reality.

Accepting her final approval, the Prince gives her the go-ahead as she slowly lowers herself onto his genitals, giving him her virginity as promised. For the next few minutes, they engage each other in wild, passionate sex as the two of them approach sexual climax together, the magic building within the Prince's body as he nears his limit. Lost in the lust and passion, Houjou loses all control of herself as the Prince tells her that he is about to unleash his powerful magic inside of her body. Ready to achieve her last orgasm as a woman and eager to become the man that Karen deserves, Houjou reaches her limit and as she achieves her second-ever orgasm, the Prince unloads his magical seed inside of her body. Her body exhausted from the wild sexual romp that she has just had with the Prince, Houjou lays down flat on his chest as she feels the warmth of his magic moving inside of her. The process of transformation from a female to a male now begins deep within her body. After several minutes, Houjou sits up and takes notice of her body, which has now become that of a thin-build male and now she can finally make Karen's dream of having a child together a reality. Excited by the success of the magic that the Prince used on her, Houjou jumps to his feet and grabs the hand of the annoyed Prince, thanking him for making her/his dream a reality as the Prince begins giving him a hard time about touching his hands moments after Houjou had been touching his new genitals. Houjou promises to never forget him for this favor before getting dressed and departing the hotel room, ready to reunite with his beloved Karen so that they can take the next step in their loving relationship. Pleased that the entire ordeal is over, the Prince cleans up and also departs the hotel as well.

The follow day, the Prince and Yui are enjoying each other's company at the cafe when to both of their surprise, the male Houjou and his girlfriend Karen enter the cafe to have a meal together. Perplexed and amazed at the same time, Yui comments that Houjou seems to have become "more handsome" than before, which causes the Prince's mind to slightly race with worry, since Yui does not yet know that he has magical abilities. Irritated by her remarks once the words sink in, the Prince gives Yui a hard time abou it, to which she promptly turns around and gives him hell for always chasing after girl's rear ends when she would never, ever dream of cheating on him. Realizing that perhaps Yui does not want him sleeping with other women any more, the Prince stares blankly at the table as he realizes that she loves him that much.

Other Media

Prince has yet to be featured in anything outside of the Pipiruma! franchise.

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Name: Prince
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Pipiruma! #1
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