Advances in Online Streaming: Prince Planet and NicoNico

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 "We believe that Earth is once again ready for Prince Planet."
 "We believe that Earth is once again ready for Prince Planet."
The Internet was taken by storm today when, of all companies, MGM (that's Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) posted the anime antique Prince Planet on Hulu and YouTube. Man, MGM, it's my brother's birthday, not mine-- but thanks!

Now, Prince Planet-- originally titled Yuusei Shounen Popi in Japan --was a liiiiittle before my time, running in America not long after it aired in Japan. But with the resurging interest in Astro Boy thanks to its movie version, perhaps it's not surprising that people who watched Prince Planet around the same time might be feeling a bit more nostalgic.

The story revolves around the titular Prince Planet, who comes to earth and meets Riko (Diana Worthy) and her dad. Along with a couple of other additions to the team, Prince Planet and company fight Warlock, the Master of Martian Magic, and his dastardly least until Krag of Planet Kragmire comes along and takes over the lead villain role later on.

Currently five episodes are available on Hulu, and while I haven't finished the first, I've gotten far enough to see that this will be of interest primary to those with a historical and/or nostalgic interest...although a mere five minutes into the first episode, which introduces the planet Radion and its inhabitants, an alien has already accused earth of being full of weapon-making warmongers. That's an old hat accusation nowadays; I wonder if it was such in the '60s too?

Check out the first episode with me and let's see what we think, eh? And if any of our readers have seen this before, definitely share your thoughts in the comments!
Now, this isn't directly related to anything about Prince Planet, but it's worthy of note: Nebs spotted an English-language site for Nico Nico. At the moment it appears to be set up entirely for a live broadcast of the November 16th launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. But maybe we'll eventually get some more stuff from them....I hope?
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ha - this is goofy
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What's next on Hulu Tobor the 8th man? 
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