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A title usually reserved for an Autobot who is in possession of the Matrix of Leadership, but there have also been a few exceptions to this rule.


A Prime is either the title of the highest ranking Autobot in possession of the Matrix of Leadership, one of the first 13 Transformers, or simply a high ranking Autobot commander depending on the continuity. 

Generation 1

Prime was the title given to the Autobot who held the Matrix of Leadership, Prime was first revealed to be a title and not a last name in The Transformers The Movie when Optimus Prime passed the MOL on to Ultra Magnus. When Hot Rod recovered the Matrix from Galvatron, who stole it from Ultra Magnus, he was then renamed Rodimus Prime.


Prime was a military rank in this series, it was held by numerous Autobots simultaneously, and was actually a lower rank then Magnus.

Prime (series)

It is revealed that the first 13 Transformers created by Primus all held the title Prime, at present, only Optimus Prime is known to hold the title. Much like in the original series it has been stated Optimus can select a new Prime if need be.

Cybertron Satellite

A 2012  Takara Tomy promotion created numerous regional Primes, all named after different districts and cities in Japan.
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