Prey is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 12/08/2011

Yahiro returns along with Jun, his younger brother, whose Stage V Apocalypse Virus has reached a state in which it cannot fight off the cancerous crystals. Shu is left to decide how to deal with Yahiro and Jun's circumstances since Gai is out of town. Will Shu help the friend that betrayed him? How will both Shu and the GHQ Anti bodies react when they witness that the virus seems to work much differently than the way they thought?

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"My Dearest" by Supercell

Jun struggles to reach for a knife; Yahiro finds him on the floor. Meanwhile, Seiga points a gun at a Nun before he sends the men to capture Jun. At school, Shu gets a call from Gai, and Hare tells Kanon that Shu is different. When Hare asks about Yahiro, Kanon replies that she couldn't find him at the orphanage. Suddenly, a tiger kettle appears out of nowhere after Hare tells Kanon about her lucky item. Somehow, Kanon takes the kettle to deliver to Souta; before she leaves, she tells Hare this is her lucky chance. At GHQ base, Keido debriefs to his colleagues about a doctor. On the train, Hare blushes; when the train suddenlty stops, her body hits Shu. Before she can confess her feelings for Shu, a hooded guy jumps on the train. Shu finds out that he is Yahiro, and he tells Hare to go shopping, so he can talk to Yahiro for a moment. Yahiro explains to Shu that he and Jun ran away from the place while Hare follows them. From far away, Dan reports Yahiro's location to Seiga.

Jun loses control
Jun loses control

When night falls, Yahiro begs Shu for money, so he can protect them. Shu calls Ayase to pick up Yahiro, Jun, and him in an hour. On the train, Inori tells Gai that this song is wrong. Seiga and the men wait for Shu and Yahiro to come out. Seiga calls his men to fire at Shu, but Yahiro tells him to move on. Shu tells Yahiro that they heading into a trap, so he tries to pull a Void out of Yahiro to deal with the enclaves. Despite Yahiro's accusations at Shu, Shu reasons that he never betrays them and pulls out a Void. Jun falls over, and an Enclave emerges from the explosion. Daryl attacks Shu while Jun struggles to get up. Suddenly, an Enclave captures Jun which Seiga explains that . Jun's virus migrates towards Daryl's Enclave, causing Daryl great pain. Shu can't wake up Jun, and Seiga notes that the Sephirah Genomics has resonated within the machine. After Daryl's Enclave destroys the other machines, it goes over to squeeze Yahiro. Shu stabs the Enclave and enters a "dream" world where Jun shows him the Lost Christmas event.

Shu severs Jun's life
Shu severs Jun's life

Jun tells Shu to kill him with Yahiro's Void, and the memories play on the reflection of the Void. He explains that he has seen unkind sides to people and that he hated his brother. Shu finally makes his decision to take Jun's life to save Yahiro's life, and Jun thanks Shu. Meanwhile, Kanon states that life doesn't always go the way you wanted in an aquarium. After the event, Shu tells Yahiro that his brother had died and that he killed him. Nearby, Hare learns of Shu's deed.

Closing theme:

"Departures: Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta" by the fictional band Egoist

Points of Interest

  • Jun is called fugitive Cancerous.
  • Dan calls Seiga, Scarface.
  • Ayase knits in her free time.
  • Yahiro's Void is the one that severs life.
  • Jun's last words: "I love you brother."
  • Kanon: "Life doesn't always go the way you wanted."

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiromi Kato Character Artist/Designer
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Hiroyuki Yoshino (screenwriter) Series Composition The creator of Seikon no Qwaser who is also a screenwriter for Sunrise Studio.
Ichiro Okochi Series Composition Ichirō Ōkouchi is a novelist and screenplay writer. He wrote the screnplay for the anime series Code Geass, Code Geass R2, and Eureka Seven.
Yusuke Takeda Art Director Art Director for Occult Academy, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and 009-1
Hiroyuki Sawano Music He's the musician in Guilty Crown, Blue Exorcist, and more.
Ryo Music The founding member of Supercell who provides the music and lyrics for the group.
Satoshi Kadowaki Animation Director


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