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Pretty Cure is a franchise comprised of 16 movies, 12 anime series
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A sugary baked desert that comes with frosting and typically some kind of topping. It is circular to make it easier to be cut into slices but can also be rectangular or square.


A bowed string instrument that is part of the Violin family. The cello is used as a solo instrument, in chamber music, and as a member of the string section of an orchestra.

Cure D├ęcor

The special items that will revive the queen or transform to a Precure. It can be used with a Smile Pact.

Cure Module

The transformation device of Suite Pretty Cure. All four members must say "Let's Play! Precure Modulation!" and press the button on the bottom of the device in order for them to transform from human to Suite Pretty Cure! It can also be an organ to play music.

Fairy Tone

The eight magical items that accompanies Hummy in Suite Pretty Cure. Dory, Rery, Dodory, and Lary are needed for the transformation from Hibiki, Kanade, Ako, and Siren to Suite Pretty Cure when the Cure Module is merged with the tone.

Fantastic Berthier

Cure Rhythm's special item. It can do the Fantastic Piacere, Music Rondo, and the Music Rondo Super Quartetto when used with a Fairy Tone.

Heart Perfume

A transformation device used in Heartcatch Precure. It allows the user to transform using the Pretty Cure Seed. They can also use the item to spray on themselves to transform to its Pretty Cure form.

Heart Pot

A small container used for containing Heart Seeds. It is also used by Yuri Tsukikake to turn into Cure Moonlight.

Heartcatch Mirage

A powerful item that was used by Cure Flower when she was young to defeat Dune. It also allows them to transform to their super form and unleash the Heartcatch Orchestra!

Love Guitar Rod

Siren's weapon as seen in Suite Precure when Sory is fused.

Magical Item

They can be transformation items, weapons, or just about anything else-- but they are all magical!

Magical Note

The notes of the Legendary Score that appeared in Suite Precure.

Miracle Berthier

An item that Cure Melody used in Suite Precure! It can do the Precure Music Rondo, the Miracle Heart Arpeggio, and the Music Rondo Super Quartetto.

Pretty Cure Seed

This seed allows them to transform to its Pretty Cure form by saying "Pretty Cure, open my heart!"


An orange gourd that is used for symbolism to represent Halloween and anything spooky.


Ramen is a popular noodle dish throughout Asia. It originated in China, but introduced into Japan. Served in a broth made from fish or meat.

School Uniform

The character is wearing school uniform. Most probably he/she's a student.

Smile Pact

The transformation device of Smile Precure. It allows the girls to transform by using the Cure Decors.


A Yukata is a type of Kimono made of cotton that is often worn at summer festivals or after a bath in traditional Japanese Inns.

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