Presea, The Master Smith In The Forest Of Silence

Presea, The Master Smith In The Forest Of Silence is an anime episode of Magic Knight Rayearth that was released on 10/24/1994

Zagato watches the girls from his mirror. When they enter the Forest of Silence, he is no longer able to see them. He orders several of his minions to go and watch over different parts of Cephiro.

The girls arrive outside a type of fortress in the forest. They initially are unable to find an entrance. Fuu suggests knocking. Hikaru knocks on the wall and an entry way magically appears. The girls enter a building and find themselves in a study where papers are flying about. The desk chair turns around revealing a white rabbit type creature with a red jewel on its forehead. It only speaks the word “Puu” over and over. A cage falls down on top of the girls, trapping them.

A blonde haired woman emerges laughing. Thinking she has caught Mokona, she plots at what to do to him/her for messing up the study. She realizes the girls are in the cage and thinks they are responsible for the ruin of her study. She starts thinking of more punishments. Umi becomes enraged at their situation and mentions that the wall opened when Hikaru touched it. When Presea hears this, she realizes the girls are the legendary Magic Knights. The girls introduce themselves, and Hikaru adds that Clef sent them. A rock monster suddenly bursts in the room. Hikaru tells Presea to lift the cage which she does.

Hikaru tries to use her Flame Arrow but to no avail. Presea slices the head off the monster with a large sword. She tells the girls magic cannot be used in the Forest of Silence. Presea says she has something to show the girls and motions for them to follow her. She opens a large door to an armory. She tells the to choose a weapon but states that it is not free. She adds the weapons are on loan until she can make weapons specifically for them. She states that they must go to the Spring of Eterna to gather the raw materials themselves. According to legend, they must gather the ore called Escudo and bring it to her so that she may forge their weapons. The ore creates weapons that can evolve. As Magic Knights, they need weapons made from Escudo to revive the Rune-God which they must have to defeat Zagato.

The rock monster reappears. Presea fires a cannon at it and locks the door. She order them to choose their weapons quickly. The girls concentrate and their chosen weapons come to them--a bow and arrows for Fuu, a rapier for Umi, and a broadsword for Hikaru. Together with Presea, they temporarily destroy the monster. Unfortunately, it is able to regenerate as if made of mud comments Fuu. Hikaru asks if there’s a lake nearby. They lure the monster out to the lake. Hikaru throws a tablecloth over the monster while Fuu and Umi distract it. She then sends it crashing into the lake where it disappears for good. Presea thanks Hikaru. The girls’ weapons suddenly disappear. Presea says the weapons are stored in the ornaments on their gloves and will reappear when needed.

The girls set out for the spring of Eterna the next day with Mokona. Presea watches and hopes that Princess Emeraude is watching over them.

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