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A Decepticon/Predacon member who first appears in the series Transformers Prime. Airachnid is a psychopath who kills for fun and sport, she enjoys wiping out entire species, and torturing her victims before killing them, she keeps the heads of her victims as trophies.


A Predacon from the Beast Wars Neo manga. Transforms into an Archaeopteryx


One of the Decepticon Autorollers


One of the Decepticon Autorollers


One of the Decepticon Autorollers


Leader of the Decepticon Autorollers


A dimwitted Decepticon/Predacon,who has a quick to fight attitude. He's not much of a talker either, and seems to only know how to say one word


A Predacon who took part in Megatron's efforts to steal the Golden Disc. He was killed by his partner Scorponok who detonated the bomb Backslash was planting.

Black Leo Prime

An evil clone of Leo Prime


Once a Predacon Blackarachnia switched sides to the Maximals to help fight against Megatron.


One of the dormant Predacons discovered to still be alive on Earth by Predaking. He was discovered buried near Mount Fuji.


A member of the Predacons who aided Megatron in stealing the Golden Disc. He was killed by Terrorsaur who shot him in the back, likely due to Buzzbomb's loyalties being to Cryotek not Megatron.


Member of the Tripredacus council

Clone One

A non-transforming clone of Dinobot. It was killed and eaten by the original.


A member of the Predacon Pirate Seacons. He is actually the oldest member of the Predacons of his era.


Crazybolt holds a spot on Cybertron's 10 most wanted list, this Predacon is not that interested in the war between Maximal and Predacon, but his skills as a thief have put him in high regards to Magmatron, and made him a high ranking Predacon.


The Predacon mastermind behind the Golden Disc's theft, though he in fact had different motives. He is also Megatron 2's adoptive father


DNAVI (Devil NAVI) is a female Predacon super-computer housed in a small robotic body. She is the self proclaimed Princess of the Predacons.

Dark Scream

A member of the Predacons

Dark Steel

One of the newly created Predacons seen in Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising.


a predacon in the movie transformers Prime:Predacons Rising.

Dead End

Member of the Decepticon Stunticons, and a Predacon under Magmatron.


A Predicon and a Maximal from the "Beast Wars. Dinobot was a warrior ruled by honor that transformed into a Velociraptor.

Dinobot II

A clone of Dinobot created by Megatron. He was created not just from the DNA of Dinobot, but from a portion of Rampage's immortal spark as well. Due to a transmetal upgrade he is actually more powerful then the original.


A Decepticon/Predacon


After Megatron was badly injured and thrown out into space by Starscream. He encountered Unicron who gave him more power and was reborn as Galvatron.

Gas Skunk

A member of the Predacons

God Neptune

A Predacon Combiner from Beast Wars II. He is the combined form of the Pirate Seacons.


A Predacon from Beast Wars Neo, Guiledart is second in command to Magmatron.


Leader of the Predacon Pirate Seacons


An Autobot Headmaster in Transformers G1 and Transformers The Headmasters. Also a Predacon in Beast Wars Neo.


A Decepticon/Predacon


Inferno is a Predacon who transforms into a fire ant


Leader of the Predacons in Beast Wars Neo, also mentioned as being a Maximal in the expanded universe of the Beast Machines series, this is likely due to the fact that the Predacons and Maximals made peace in Beast Wars Neo fighting Unicron and only Megatron still wanted war.

Majin Zarak

An enormous and ancient Predacon who only has one purpose in life... to end the lives of others. His alt mode is an aircraft carrier. He was accidentally pulled through time when Galvatron III attempted to summon one of the Megatrons from the past.


Megastorm is a Decepticon/Predacon and the little brother of Galvatron. He transforms into a tank.


The leader of the Predacons and reincarnation of Megatron. He grew extremely powerful after merging his spark with original Megatron's spark gaining a Dragon form.


The combined form of the Decepticon Predacons. In Transformers Prime he is Shockwave's creation to hunt the remaining Autobots.


A Predacon fuzor with the personality of a trigger happy cowboy, transforms into a scorpion/cobra.

Ram Horn

Member of the Tripredacus council. His alt mode is a stag beetle and he has the ability to join with Sea Clamp and Cicadacon to form the combiner Tripredacus.


A member of the Decepticons and Predacons.


A sarcastic, irreverent, and rude Maximal who prefers to sneak around out of harms way. He's also not too forgiving.


Ravage is one of Soundwave's minions and one of his most reliable spies.


Leader of the Decepticon Predacons


A member of the Maximals.


A Predacon from Beast Wars Neo


A member of the Decepticons able to turn into a scorpion. Also a member of the Predacons under the leadership of the second Megatron.


A member of the Predacon Pirate Seacons. She is in love with the Maximal named Scuba.

Sea Clamp

Member of the Tripredacus council

Sea Phantom

A member of the Predacon Pirate Seacons.

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