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The villain Transformers from the Beast Wars franchise, heavily featured in the Japanese Transformers anime (Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo, Robots in Disguise) When Ultra Magnus asked the question "Are you autobot or decepticon?" a Predacon simply hissed and said "neither".


The Predacons were originally a combiner team of animal Decepticons lead by Razorclaw. All five of the Team could combine into Predaking and was considered the second most dangerous of the Decepticon combiner teams. Eight years after the Transformers ended a new series set in the same continuity called Beast Wars came on air and featured the Predacons as the enemy faction led by Megatron 2. Soon after a Japanese series called Transformers Robots in Disguise aired and featured the Predacons again as the enemy faction against the Autobots however towards the end of the series six Decepticons appeared and joined forces with them.

Prime Predacon Insignia
Prime Predacon Insignia

As of 2013 the Predacons will return in Transformers Prime as a team of Animal Decepticons created by Shockwave to assist the Decepticons on Earth to eliminate the hiding Autobots. This generation will feature a new faction symbol of a Dragon instead of the Insect insignia.

The Predacons are to be the main villains of the fourth live action film in the Transformers movies by Michael Baye, Transformers: Age of Extinction, the poster art once again features the classic insect head insignia.

List of Known Predacons

Transformers G1

Beast Wars

(Notes: With the exceptions of Megatron, Blackarachnia, Silverbolt, and Waspinator, all the other Predacons who appeared in Beast Wars died. Additional Predacons are: Starscream who possessed Waspinator's body, Rhinox who was once reprogrammed into a Predacon and Rattrap who seemingly defected into the Predacons in order to spy on them as well, but none of the three were true Predacons in this series)

Beast Wars II

Majin Zarak (movie only)

Beast Wars Neo

Robots in Disguise


  • Airachnid (Considered a Decepticon but has traits and features of a Predacon)
  • Preadking
  • Sky Lynx
  • Hun-Gurr
  • Rippersnapper
  • Abominus
General Information Edit
Concept Name Predacons
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
Aliases Animatron
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Transformers #70
1st anime movie:
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