Prayer:Convergence is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 02/23/2012

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Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by EGOIST

Gai narrates about Mana's resurrection, and Shu fears for the worse. Mana's pink aura flows all over the world. Arugo tells everyone to retreat, and Ayase prepares to protect them. Daryl uses his Gespenst to attack Ayase and seems to have the advantage. Shibungi asks Tsugumi if she can gain back control. Tsugumi replies that she keeps erasing, but the program keeps coming back. Shibungi realizes this is Kenji's doing. Back to Gai and Mana, Mana floats gracefully down and greets Gai with a yawn. She sees Shu and skips to him. She embraces Shu and tells him that an annoying woman keeps getting in her way. Her words infuriates Shu who knocks down Mana. Shu states that Inori is not a monster but a human. Mana calls Shu terrible despite how much she loved him. Gai stops Mana and takes her Void out with permission. The force of the Void changes the field. Mana tells Shu that she will not forgive him even if Shu apologize. Mana prepares to dance and a song is heard. Haruka prepares to use Arisa's Void. Everyone on both sides notice the Endlaves are shutting down. The men report that the Genomic Resonance is reaching a very high frequency, and Mana's steps are sending the pink aura around the world to convert people into crystals. Gai announces the 4th apocalypse, and Gai clashes with Shu. He tells Shu to give in and become crystals. Daryl tries to kill them, and Arugo provides fire. Ayase flees the Endlave to get to Tsugumi, but Daryl's blast knocks her out. Arugo gets knocked by an explosion, too. Rowan warns Daryl not to overuse the Void emulator on his chest. Daryl continues to use it.

Meanwhile, Shu tries to wake Gai to his senses, but Gai still attacks. In another location, Haruka aims at Keido, and Ayase uses her shield to hold off the soldiers. Shibungi tells Tsugumi to wait for his signal. Gai prepares to kill Shu, and before Shu gives up, he sees Inori's flower shining brightly. Inori tells him not to give up. Shu uses Inori's powers which stops Mana and Daryl's Endlave. Shibungi kills Kenji right away. Keido stabs himself, and Ayase ties Daryl with a cable. Tsugumi signals Ayase. At the same time, Ayase and Tsugumi defeat Daryl while Shu and Inori combine powers to defeat Gai. Mana dies as a result of her Void breaking. Keido's body disintegrates, and Keido states that he or Kurosu are not winners. Shu grabs Gai who glows. Gai brings him to the utopia of Daath which are memories within the crystals. Gai explains why he wants Mana because he is afraid. He states that the only way to stop Mana is to let her complete her role. He embraces Mana, and they both disintegrate. He tells Shu to go after Inori. Shu returns to the real world and sees Inori stumbling on him with her crystal body. She hugs him closely. Shu uses his Void arm to absorb all the virus and Void into himself. Kanon and Yahiro senses Shu. Arisa's void shield breaks, and Arisa gets shot. Meanwhile, Rowan gets Daryl into an elevator and sacrifices himself off screen. In a dream, Shu takes Inori's knot. Arugo prepares to retreat with Ayase and the others without Shu. At day break, the fighting stops.

A Few Years Later

Yahiro greets Souta and Kanon who have Funnell pets. Ayase and Tsugumi are there to greet everyone. A birthday cake with Hare's name appears. Shu arrives with a cane. Later, he arrives to the park to listen to Inori's voice to reminisce on the old times.

Points of Interest

  • It's implied that Shu is blind since he uses a white cane.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Redjuice Graphics Concept Artist Redjuice Graphics is a company that is in charge of the character design and CG for Guilty Crown franchise. This is listed as a person because on Animenewsnetwork, they are credited for the original character design for Guilty Crown.
Hiromi Kato Character Artist/Designer
Tetsuro Araki Director Tetsuro Araki is a Japanese anime director who's famous for directing Death Note and Highschool of the Dead.
Hiroyuki Yoshino (screenwriter) Series Composition The creator of Seikon no Qwaser who is also a screenwriter for Sunrise Studio.
Ichiro Okochi Series Composition Ichirō Ōkouchi is a novelist and screenplay writer. He wrote the screnplay for the anime series Code Geass, Code Geass R2, and Eureka Seven.
Yusuke Takeda Art Director Art Director for Occult Academy, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and 009-1
Hiroyuki Sawano Music He's the musician in Guilty Crown, Blue Exorcist, and more.


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