Powerpuff Girls Z Characters

Powerpuff Girls Z is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series
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One of the Rowdyruff Boys.


One of the Rowdyruff Boys.


One of the Rowdyruff Boys.


A villain in PPGs

Himeko Shirogane

A bratty rich kid in the girls' class who is hit by the black Chemical Z rays, whose powers are used based on her wants to be recognized by people.

Kaoru Matsubara

Kuriko Akatsutsumi

Miko Shirogane

Himeko's older sister who always likes to stand out, which is often the cause of grief for her younger sister.

Misu Beramu

The Mayor's secretary. Her face is always concealed, usually behind her clipboard.

Miyako Gotokuji

Miyako is the "Bubbles" of the Powerpuff Girls Z group, keeping the group cheerful with her upbeat and bubbly personality.

Mojo Jojo

Evil monkey.

Momoko Akatsutsumi

Momoko is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls Z. She is a girl who loves super heroes shows, sweets and handsome boys. Her weapon is a yo-yo.

Sakurako Kintoki

A young girl who runs a shop selling deserts. She was hit by a black Z-rays and is transformed into Sedusa.

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