Power Stone Characters

Power Stone is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series
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Apollis is Edward Falcon's annoying butler. He travels with Edward to help him find the secret of The Power Stone, and his missing father.


Ayame is a ninja from the town of Oedo. She is after Edward Falcon's Power Stone.


Cassie is one of the girls that love Edward Falcon. She use to be apart of the Octopus gang. She is currently married to Gunrock.

Edward Falcon

He is the main character in the Power Stone series snd games.


Galuda is from the town of Dullstone. He is apart of the tribe called the Soaring Eagles. He found his Power Stone on top of his tribe's totem pole.


Gunrock is from the town of Dawnvolta. He is married and has eight children.


Jack is from the town of Manches. His age is unknown. He is after Edward Falcon's Power Stone, because his mother had a Power Stone like his.


Kracken is a pirate from Skull Haven. He is after Edward Falcon's Power Stone to make his dreams come true.

Miss Falcon

Miss Falcon is the mother of Edward Falcon and wife of Pride Falcon.


Octo is the Twin brother to Pus. They are The Octopus Gang. They work for the feared pirate, Kracken.

Pride Falcon

Pride is the father to Edward Falcon


Pus is the brother to Octo. They are the leaders of the Octopus gang. They work for Kracken.


Rouge is a fortuneteller from the town Mahdad, and helps Edward Falcon on his quest to find the Power Stone.


Ryoma is a samurai from the town Mutsu. He joins Edward Falcon on his quest to find the Power Stone


Valgas is from the island Avalon Island. He is a famous fighter.


Wang-Tang is from the town of Tong-An. He joins Edward Falcon in his quest later on in the series.

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