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Power Play! is an erotic manga series created by Yamatogawa. The Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl was defeated by three heroines but reincarnated by his familiar into a human man. Sara goes to Earth, and the heroines follow to foil her plans to revive her master.


Power Play! JPN (Feb 2012)
Power Play! JPN (Feb 2012)

Power Play! is an ero-manga series that was written and illustrated by was written by Yamatogawa. It was first published by Akaneshinsha's TENMA Comics in 2011. The series is an erotic/adventure story of both magic, rough sex, harem, and romance.

" The Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl was defeated in his own realm from conquering the world by dominating all the beautiful women by three brave heroines. Before they could finish him off, his faithful familiar, Sara, saved him be casting his soul away to be reincarnated. Sara finds Shadahl's soul on Earth revived in a human man named Sadaharu Imao but with no memories of his past or sexual powers. Just as she tries to reawaken her master, the heroines have followed to stop her and prevent Shadahl's revival. Even if it means killing Sadaharu. "


  • Akaneshinsha (Japan)
  • Project H (North America)

Publication History

The series first began publication in Akaneahinsha's Tenma Comics in 2011. The full collected volume version was released in Japan in Febuary 24, 2012. This hasn't been officially published in the U.S.


Sadaharu Imao

Sadaharu Imao
Sadaharu Imao

Sadaharu Imao is a human man who's a 28 year old wannabe ero-game designer who's yet to make his big hit. He's marveled when it appears the characters from his latest game seem to be coming to life, but in fact are from another dimension. He is the reincarnation of the Evil Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl, and his bird familiar, Sara, has come to revive his powers and conquer the world, but he's a virgin and afraid of women.



Sara is the bird familiar of the Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl. She saved her master from death by sending his soul to be reincarnated. She found her master's soul in the body of a 28 year old virgin with no memory of his past or sexual powers. She plans to try and revive her master and conquer the world by training him to dominate women through sex.



Maria is the princess of her realm and is known as the Pegasus Knight. Wither her allies, they tracked down the Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl who had been abducting the women of the realm for his own perverted schemes. Though defeated, they failed to kill him before his familiar whisked away his soul to be reincarnated. She follows the familiar to prevent her from reviving her master.



Eclair is the loyal water-ninja and servant to Maria. Their bond grew close to the point of mutual sexual desire, and she also has a fear of men. She joined Maria in defeating the Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl, but he escaped death through the intervention of his familiar. Eclair was shocked when Maria left on her own to find Shadahl, and believes she has fallen under his perverse spell during their last encounter.



Miina is a powerful though inexperienced mage who specializes in illusion casting. She joined her allies, Maria and Eclair, in hunting down and defeating the Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl, but he escaped death when his soul was cast away to be reincarnated. After both Maria and Eclair left separately after Shadahl to kill him, she soon followed since she didn't want to be left out of the fun.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Power Play!
Feb. 24, 2012
General Information Edit
English Name Power Play!
Japanese Name: Powerプレイ!
Romaji: Pawā Purei!
Publisher Akaneshinsha
Start Year 2011
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