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Power of Unrestrained is a anime/manga concept
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Also known as Unrestricted Spells or Unrestricted Methods, they are powerful magic spells. "...Power of Unrestraint brings forth impossibilities."

Also known as Unrestricted Spells or Unrestricted Methods, they are powerful magic spells. These spells can be used for any purpose, from restoring the fragments of a long-lost painting to transforming normally untransferrable objects in a whole city into a big hunk of Power of Existence, however they are mostly used in battle in the series. They can be invoked by chanting (some high-class Unrestricted Methods may require centuries of work to activate), and consumes Power of Existence. An Unrestricted Spell can be seen as a blue insignia upon casting. The most usual Jizaiho is Fuzetsu. All flame haze and denizen can use this spell.

One of the greatest spell-caster are Margery Daw, and the greatest spell inventor are Rammie (Leanan-Sidhe) and Dantalion.

List of Power of Unrestrained


  1. Purifying Flame: A generic ability amongst Flame Haze, this allows Flame Haze to eliminate specific "impurities" in their bodies like the effects of alcohol and dirt among others. It uses minimal Power of Existence.
  2. Fuzetsu: Seal in other translation. Fuzetsu is the most commonly used Power of Unrestraint. It is a spherical area where the Crimson Realm and the real world meet; inside this area, all sorts of causalities, including time, is suspended for ordinary living beings. In this area, only Crimson Denizens, Flame Hazes, Mystes and ordinary humans with devices to counter the effects of a Fuzetsu can move around.

    Despite the absence of time for normal humans, however, battles in the Fuzetsu can damage real world objects in real-time, and harm the paused living beings. Fortunately, the damage can be restored if someone use Power of Existence to fix the damage and make torches. However, if the Seal is ever unlocked during a battle, the damage is irreparable. .

    The Crimson Lord Dantalion originally created the complex and flawed version of the Seal; later, the genius spell creator Denizen Leanan-sidhe fixed it into the easier modern version, which quickly spread over all related beings in the world. Flame Hazes are able to create such Seal at will, as may Crimson Denizens.

  3. Tatsui no Gen: Means "Speech of Conveying". Another commonly used Jizaiho, usually used by Denizens to translate their speech when they speak to human beings.

A Lord/Denizen/Flame Haze Special Jizaiho

  1. Aster: A powerful Jizaiho uses by Hecate, unleashes an array of energy bolts at her enemy. User : Hecate
  2. City Devourer: A Jizaiho invented by the "Abyssal Ring" Azis. This Jizaiho can convert a large area directly into Power of Existence. Later, Friagne use it to turn Marianne into an independent being, but failed. User: Friagne, Asiz
  3. Kaze no Tenrin: Other translation is "Revolving Wheel of the Wind". A Power of Unrestraint whose purpose is searching and surveillance. "Beautiful Whim" Pheles utilizes this to search for her lover "Eternal Lover" Johan, who is sealed inside the Reiji Maigo. Kaze no Tenrin primarily becomes a seeking spell which searches for a particular person or thing. It appears to be a very unique spell; the spell itself transfers from person to person via touching. When reached target, it creates a copy of Pheles herself that would acts as a beacon for the real Pheles to come. The spell utilizes by only using small amount of Power of Existence so it uses the Power from person hosting the spell at that moment, and eternally revolving around the world until it meets its target. User: Pheles
  4. Magnesia: A defensive and equally destructive Power of Unrestraint. Unleashing this Power of Restraint summons a storm of black particles which moves at the user's will. The size of the particles can be controlled by user, turning them into small particles to fend off multiple attackers or into gigantic masses which can crush opponents. User: Fecor
  5. Stigma: The Power of Unrestraint in which "Destructive Blade" Sabrac is famous for. This causes all injuries caused by Sabrac's attacks to enlarge in size over time, ensuring most of his battles to sway in his favor. Later, Johann created a counter spell which breaks Stigma's effect and leads to Sabrac's defeat at Misaki City. After that battle, Sabrac refines the spell and names it "Stigmata". User: Sabrac
  6. Guren no Souyoku: Wings of Crimson or 紅蓮の双翼 in other translation. This make a pair of flame wings on the user's back. User: Shana
  7. Guren no Oodachi: Great Blade of Crimson or 紅蓮の大太刀in other translation. Coats Shana's katana with flame, can be used to hurt enemies at distance. User: Shana
  8. Tenpa Jyousai: Other translation means "Heaven Break Earth Destruction". A very powerful Power of Unrestraint which can only be used by the current holder of the title "Flame-Haired Red-Hot-Eyed Hunter". When activated, Alastor is summoned from his vessel in his true form. It consumes a very large amount of Power of Existence, but from Denizens not human.

    This spell has been used by the former "Flame-Haired Red-Hot-Eyed Hunter" Mathilde Saint-Omer with tragic results. Shana managed to survive using Tenpa Jyousai because: Yuji has used the powers of the Treasure Tool Azure to protect Shana from the flames of Alastor; and Shana is able to contain the entirety of Alastor's immense Power of Existence with more to spare. User: Mathilde Saint-Omer; Shana

  9. Inverna: A Jizaiho to creates a storm surroundings the target. This storm hides one's presence from others, effectively allowing stealth attacks. User: Pheles
  10. Gemeinde: It transports a person into a realm where the user can control the environment directly. Time in the world inside Gemeinde does not affect the time in the real world and when the spell breaks, the affected persons will lose any memories of the experience inside the Power of Unrestraint's effects.Gemeinde seems to be activated by Mare's Treasure Tool Papagena, which was the last sound heard by a person before he/she falls into the Unrestricted Spell's effects. It is dispelled when the person affected wakes up or when the caster dies. User: Mare
  11. She also uses the Unrestricted Spell "Knights" ( 騎士団Kishidan , Order of Knights) to summon an army of armored warriors which she uses to defeat a large number of opponents. User: Mathilde
  12. Improvisational Poem of Slaughter: An incantion method in which Margery and Marchosias uses impromptu rhymed poems to unleash their spells. User: Margery; Marcho
General Information Edit
Concept Name Power of Unrestrained
Japanese Name: 自在法
Romaji Name: Jizaihō
Aliases Unrestricted Spells
Unrestricted Methods
1st manga book: Shakugan no Shana (Light Novel) #1
1st anime episode: Shakugan no Shana #1
1st anime movie:
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