Power Dyes Your Hair

Power Dyes Your Hair is a anime/manga concept
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A character just got a huge power-up. How can you tell? Their hair changed color!


Essentially a sub-concept of the Crazy Anime Hair page, hair suddenly changing color is often part of attaining a new level of power.

Anime & Manga

Largely popularised by Dragon Ball Z, when a character ascends to a higher level of power they often change in appearance, with their hair color and sometimes shape changing as part of the transformation. Usually the hair takes on a more bad-ass appearance, changing to an extravagant color like shiny gold or crimson red. Sometimes the change is more subtle, with the character gaining streaks of new color in their hair instead of it changing completely.

Notable Examples

  • In Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, the Saiyan characters gain spiky, upright, golden hair as part of the Super Saiyan transformation. Hair only increases in spikiness and length as further transformations are attained. Bojack has a similar transformation, in which his orange hair becomes red.
  • In Sonic X, Sonic and Shadow transform using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, in what is a direct homage to the Super Saiyans of Dragon Ball Z. Their hair (or spines) turn a golden color and stand upright. Sonic also has a dark transformation in one episode where he turns black instead of gold.
  • In Bleach, after using the Final Getsuga Tenshou technique/transformation Ichigo grows long black hair.
  • In Agent Aika when Aika Sumeragi uses her Golden Bustier (Ultranate Bustier) her hair changes from brown to blue.
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Empowered Hair
Hair Transformation
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