Post-Apocalypse is a anime/manga concept
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The world after the Big One (nuclear war, intergalactic invasion, super disease). Life sucks after the Apocalypse.


Post Apocalypse is an era after a major event that wipes out most of a race, an event that drags society in chaos and despair, or the lack of humanity, law, and compassion in a society.



An outbreak can cripple society as tons of individuals sucuumb and die off. Terror spreads and chaos ensues. Neighbors turn on each other to get vaccines or to avoid getting contaminated.

Anime Examples:

  • Guilty Crown - A virus causes the Japan's government to lose its foundations. Now, the country is in the hands of GHQ who controls which people get vaccinated and which who are affected, die.

Massive Murder Campaign (Genocide)

A group of individuals set off on a wide world murder campaign of its inhabitants.

Anime Examples:

Natural Disaster

A major weather event wipes out most of the inhabitants.

Anime Examples:


Extreme poverty in society has the poor in utter seclusion from the rich. The poor live dilapidated homes in the slums where rampant human trafficking, murder, gang violence, and other cruel deeds run amok. There are low morale when the poor think they have no hope for a better future.

Anime Examples:


War tears families, society, and countries apart as two nations, race, or clans fight each other over territory, rights, money, and more. Morale is usually low with everyone disillusioned. A lack of trust and hope looms over everyone.

Anime Examples:

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