Pool on the Hill

Pool on the Hill is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 07/24/2011

Plot Summary

Filming continues to go rather smoothly around the Kissuiso. Sui receives a call from Satsuki. Satsuki calls to warn about the movie offer. Satsuki is surprised that she left it in the hands of Enishi. Some of the customers seem to be thrilled by the filming going on. In one scene being filmed, Yuina and Ohana are hooked up to blood packets and appear to be shot and fall to the ground. The girls begin to wonder what the film is actually about. Enishi says on the proposal the movie was about "waitresses in their youth". The girls play around with the idea that the movie could be about zombies.

Takako is busy trying to fix things
Takako is busy trying to fix things

Now that the pool is clean they are able to fill it with water. Yuina overhears some customers at the Fukuya inn talking about the movie being a scam, but Yuina can't find out any more information from them. At the Kissuiso, it seems that Takako has received an e-mail calling off the movie and both Enishi and her are trying to get in touch with Tetsuo but with no success. The cooking staff and Tomoe wonder what is going to happen with Enishi if they don't get their money back.

Satsuki gives Enishi a call. She did some digging and it turns out Tetsuo ran away from debt twice and he probably already spent the money to pay back his debts. Enishi and Takako then have a heated argument. Takako seems fed up with babysitting Enishi and Enishi begs for her help. Takako finds her way to the pool. They both end up falling into the pool. Takako scolds him for ruining her "battle gear". Enishi is overwhelmed with joy because since she was wearing her battle gear it means it wasn't her fault and she was trying her best. He embraces her and begs her again to help him start over. Ohana, Minko and Nako oversee this because they are hiding behind the bushes.

Sui goes to tell the Yusonagi Inn committee of the Kissuiso's situation. She then calls Enishi aside to have a talk with him. Enishi defends Takako. Sui is impressed that Enishi has been able to grow and able to defend someone so much. It is revealed that Enishi used to take piano lessons in hopes of getting girls, but gave up rather quickly. He wonders if his high school life would have been different if Sui forced him to go to lessons. It seems Enishi was also a bad swimmer, unlike his sister Satsuki.

Characters & Voice Actors

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