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Welcome to the Beelzebub biweekly report! I'm Taka, a member of Team Beelzebub (wiki editors). The last two episodes of Beelzebub were fillers, and episodes 54 and 55 are fillers as well. The anime has been catching up to the manga, so expect some delay when Beelzebub anime gets back into the main storyline. Let's see if these filler episodes are great or trash.

*I apologize for the late reports. My teammates and I are busy at school. In my case, I have working on the wiki pages for Beelzebub, Sket Dance, Sket Dance Wikia, and Rave Master Wikia.


Ep. 54: Black Baby Beel Grows Up - "Burakku Berubō, sodachimashita" (黒ベル坊、育ちました)

Black Baby Beel
Black Baby Beel

Himekawa kidnaps Black Baby Beel because he resembles the black statue that brought his family great wealth. Oga, Zenjuro, and the gang search for Black Beel. Somehow, Black Baby Beel becomes gigantic. Will Oga and the gang stop him?

Ep. 55: I Have Lost My Pompadour. The Great Demon Lord Has Come

First Story: Himekawa comes to school with his hair down due to running out of hair gel. A group of Techmo punks arrive to take down Himekawa whose strength is halved due to having no pompadour. Will Himekawa make it during his bad hair day?

Himekawa the Pimp
Himekawa the Pimp

Second Story: The Great Demon Lord visit Oga's house; while Hilda prepares a welcoming ritual for him, Oga's father spends the day entertaining the demon king. Will Hilda and Oga's father please the Great Demon Lord.


Beware of Spoilers!


What has Zenjuro gotten himself into?
What has Zenjuro gotten himself into?
  • 54: Zenjuro got himself in trouble with losing Black Baby Beel. Somehow, he confuses his co worker, and she accepts his "proposal" of marriage to her.


Pompadour Cannon!
Pompadour Cannon!
  • Himekawa's story is really hilarious. He wows the girls into falling in love with him.
  • When Himekawa got his pompadour back with Kanzaki's help, he has this awesome move that has his stun baton attached to his pompadour. He fires his thunderbolt like a cannon.
  • Hilda's scene: She compliments Furuichi who thinks Hilda likes him. However, she is only complimenting for being a good feed for a demon. Poor Furuichi.


  • In episode 54, Black Baby Beel and Beel's fight is not that entertaining. I expected more action. Instead, the two babies cry, and they do a bit of wrestling.
  • Alaindelon just messes up the mood.


  • Like Kanzaki, Himekawa has a crazy conditional rule about his power. Himekawa's strength is halved when his hair down. Compared to Kanzaki, he gets stronger if someone pulls his chain.
  • Oga's father is pretty lucky even though he wants the Demon Lord to have a better time than him.
  • Interestingly, the Demon Lord is pretty mellow in this episode.
  • Let's not forget Furuichi and Alaindelon's strange scenes. It is the most bizarre thing in Beelzebub.

Overall, these filler episodes are funny. Episode 55 is better than 54 because it had more action and funnier scenes. The worse filler so far is 52 where the Delinquents get attacked by Komainu.

Question: What are your favorite filler episodes and what is the most terrible one in Beelzebub?

Picture of the Week

I created the Pompadour page because I realized it was common in anime with the crazy anime hair and afro page. I dedicated this image to that concept.


Thank you, everyone, for reading my team's report. I thank my teammates for doing a great job in the community.

Wiki Work Progress: Finished Ep. 54 and 55's wiki pages. Please see Team Beelzebub Vitae List.

Teammates: Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Arrussel, and Sreenivas

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Hot When Their Crazy Pompadours are Down

During wiki editing with my team, I noticed three characters who looked bad ass but not handsome. Later on in the series, their hair goes down, and suddenly, they are quite handsome according to the female characters in their respective franchises.

Beware of Mild spoilers!

Shaman King

Bokuto No Ryu

He has a crazy pompadour that goes through radical changes when someone cuts his pompadour. First, his pompadour has a heart tip, then it splits into a V-shaped, and it finally returns to a normal pompadour.

Ryu's hair is only down in the manga, volume 14.


Tatsuya Himekawa

His pompadour is like Ryu, but it is shorter, gray, and looks like a duck's butt according to Kanzaki. During the Volleyball practice and games, Yuka and Ryoko accidentally unleash his hidden, handsome potential.

Himekawa's hair is down in Beelzebub 32. I don't have the chapters. (Sorry)


Grevil De Blois

Grevil's pompadour reminds me of a blonde unicorn, but Victorique states that it looks like a drill. You can only see his hair down in his flashback and near the end of the Gosick series.

Please see Gosick episode 11.

Akame ga Kill


Bulat has a heart end to his pompadour. Before he joins Night Raid, he had his hair down, and he was really hot.

Please see episode 3.

People Who I Want to See and Future Thread: Afro!

If you want to add someone who has not let their pompadour down, feel free to add. We'll see if they are gorgeous or not.

Afro people

I haven't seen much of them except Bobo-bo, Afro Samurai, and Love Aikawa. I have no idea if it is the same with the Pompadour people. Who knows? If I see a pattern with afros, I'll definitely post a blog about it.


** If you have any hot guys whose pompadours fit these conditions, please feel free to add some. I put it on this post as a commemoration to crazy pompadours on the Crazy Anime Hair concept page.

It was an original forum thread

I'm a noob. I forgot that a forum thread can only posted once and it's stuck there. I wanted to attach it to the characters, but this is what a blog is for.

I want it to connect to more characters if someone wants to add another character who has a crazy pompadour, but after letting his hair down, he looks handsome. It's easier to edit that way. If I ran out of links, I or someone else will make a second blog for it.

I'm so sorry guys and gals.


Added the Afro section when posting this blog.

2-25-12 - I created the Pompadour page because Daniel had some nice silhouette images for Crazy Anime hair and unreal hair colro.

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Anime Vice Transforms

One epic arc concludes, and another begins.

Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #24 -- Watch & Learn

Yep. The non-ending you should've expected.

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

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