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Pompadour is a anime/manga concept
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Bokuto no Ryu

Ryu is a very muscular man with a very unique appearance.


Formerly an elite soldier of the empire, Braht defected and joined the rebel assassin team Night Raid. He uses the Teigu "Incursio."

Captain Battleship

Bo-bobo's rival.

Grevil de Blois

A well known detective in Saubure, and Victorique's half brother.

Himekawa Tatsuya

A student of Ishiyama High and the heir of the Himekawa Group. He commonly uses underhand tactics to defeat his opponents and is a source of outside information.

Josuke Higashikata

The Main Protagonist of Part IV of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Kazuma Kuwabara

Once a thug in his own right. He could never beat Yusuke. Eventually, they became friends with Yusuke. Through training of his Spirit Energy he now wields a sword crafted from his own spirit energy.

Mondo Ohwada

One of 15 students trapped inside Hope Academy.

Sugarboy (Earthland)

Sugarboy has the same name as his Edolas counterpart.

Wakaba Mine

One of the members of Fairy Tail who has been there the longest. He is always chasing skirt even though he's married and uses smoke based magic.

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