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Pom Poko is an anime movie in the Pom Poko Franchise
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A movie with balls Reviewed by miguelkinomoto on April 19, 2012. miguelkinomoto has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Pom Poko.

Ok, first review is gonna be with this great movie. This is a good movie of you like japanese traditions, music, legends and more stuff. But... there is something interesting about this, these Racoon Dogs have really big Balls! Well..... not that much.... but still are very visible.... anyway in japan these tanuki are very traditional there are statues of these animals as a good charm.. and there is a traditional legend that there are some animals that can transform in to anything they want..... among those animals, the tanuki are one of them.. in this movie there is also a message that i see it a very good one about the environment.... if you keep destroying the forests where some animals live, they are gonna die because sinces there is nothing but buildings there is nothing to eat for these animals and they are gonna die.... i love this message just because is the truth

The Good

Great story, a really inspiring movie, all the traditional things are exactly how it is.... great music.... i love traditional music specially the japanese.... its a really good theme for environment topics.... a great ending transmiting the message that i told you

The Bad

A very long movie.... just that... there is nothing else to say....

Overall 4/5

If you like traditions this is perfect to you... good music, good theme.... so when you watch this movie think about the this planet.... if you love animals leave them alone..... dont destroy their habitat.... that will just kill them

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