VIDEO: Trailers For The New POKEMON Movie & Hipster AKIRA

Topic started by No_name_here on March 6, 2012. Last post by Daniel_Newton 2 years, 11 months ago.
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Look, POKEMON was simply “after my time.” I’ve never been that into the franchise, but I still figured it courteous to point you lunatics to this new trailer for movie #15. Also, I will agree that it is rather remarkable that the movie series has reached this particular landmark.

That's longevity, friends. Can’t touch Ash on that one. No, sir.

The scoop came from Bleeding Cool, who’s also commissioned/hosted this amusing video that spoofs the long-discussed AKIRA remake through the recognizable lens of the indy hipster movie. Much like those wonderful faux trailers for “Wes Anderson’s GOD OF WAR” this transplants the adrenaline-pumped biker brawlin’ of Otomo’s masterpiece into the unmotivated ennui of urban young adulthood.

It isn’t necessarily a gut-buster, but there some cute gags. (“Neo Portland” indeed. Heh heh heh…)

Lastly, one you lunatics (identifying himself only as “Matt B”) brought another BC story to our attention. This MC Ritchie’s putting together a whole hip-hop mixtape where he raps, at length, about his proud fandom for GUNDAM. After its March 20th release, I imagine it’ll be coupled - - either officially or “unofficially” - - with Andrew WK’s GUNDAM tribute album eventually.

Go on and listen to one of the previews below. Rate the accuracy to GUNDAM on scale separate from the quality of the flow and beats.

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The beat is nice on that Gundam song. Not as good as the Wiz Khalfia Chrono Trigger song, but this one is actually about the source of the sample. I find the lack of Dorothy Catalonia punchlines most disturbing though.

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He can make references- but Ritchie's perspective- and lesson- if any- from Gundam Wing- seems very different from mine. Its not really material for what I would describe as "Kill everybody for whatever" gangsta rap. Killing the message as it were.

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Ug god how I hate pokemon. Everything that is wrong with anime can be traced to that series...

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This is the only thing I can contribute to a rap/anime mash up conversation

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Hollywood nead to stop trying to make films out of manga/anime

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The Pokémon movies are pretty well made and as someone who grew up with the show/games/toys as it all started, it's nice to see it still going after all these years. I actually watched most of the Pokémon movies fairly recently and while I didn't get so much out of the newer ones, the first handful are still great, I don't think they'll ever quite top the first one.

I've always wanted to see something for the older Pokémon fans, there are a lot of us, it would be great to see a new anime running alongside the main one, but I doubt that will ever happen unfortunately. I've always wanted to check out the Pokémon manga, that's definitely the next best thing. It follows different characters for each region instead of following Ash on his never-ageing quest around the world and it's much more violent too. I really need to check it out.

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