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One wonder of the internet is its ability to bridge all distances, no matter how far. I’m writing from LA. Anime Vice is rocking it in San Francisco. The vast majority of what we report on is happening in Japan. We don’t have to able to sneak into Nintendo’s 2010 Media summit to see the trailer for Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold that debuted there.  In a way, we’re like digital phantoms who can be present in all places at all times.

Today, we get to know what GamesMaster’s rating is of the games without necessarily having to live in the UK.  The magazine’s given both games an 88% grade. It’s not quite over 9000, but it’s a solid B+ and that’s well above average.

Here are some choice excerpts of the double-page review, by way of CVG…

“[The games] even a little more polished than Diamond & Pearl... Heart and Soul are definitely the best looking [Pokemon] adventures to date.”

“There are much more adventures than there were back then… Types, breeding, evolution, move sets and the depth of strategy involved has come on leaps and bounds.”

“[But the series is moving] forward in baby steps… [when will get a full 3D console adventure?]”

So there you go, oh eagerly-waiting Anime Vice community? These reviews are yet one more coal to shovel into the bonfire of hype we’re stoking here for Pokemon SoulSilver & HeartGold release next month.   The review brings up an interesting prospect though… would you Pokemaniacs like to see the kind of 3D console Pokemon game suggested here? If not, how else would you like to see it turn out?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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Can't wait

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Personaly I would just prefer hi quality sprites with more frames of animation
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@cowdrunk said:
" Personaly I would just prefer hi quality sprites with more frames of animation "
Same.  Pokemon doesn't need 3D graphics.
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I`m not waiting eagerly for HG/SS since i`ve already played both games but i cant wait to ACTUALLY buy Heart Gold. i hope the cartridge is gold just like the GBC version :)
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The next step i want them to take, even though i know they never will until these games sales drop to rock bottom, is for them to make this series into a PC MMO. Sadly the idea of Nintendo getting their heads out of their asses and making a system with an online functionality that can support an MMO, or developing a game for the PC are about as likely as finding Mew Two in a random encounter the first time you stepped into the grass.
However, i would be willing to settle, at the moment, for them to make an HD version of the game with updated/detailed pixel art and more frames of animation. However i doubt this will happen anytime soon because Nintendo loves milking their franchises to death by putting as little effort into making them better as possible. It also doesn't help that they don't have a platform to support the release of something like that ether.
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id pre-order, but i cant do it outside of US. sux, i wanted a Lugia figure.
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Tis not Soul Silver... it's Superior Silver!
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I really hate that Tom Pinchuk guy, and I feel totally comfortable saying that in one of his news post because they are all so impersonal that I don't really consider him an actual person. 
With the whining out of the way, here's some more whining. There is nothing interesting to me in a review for this game. Dude, it's pokemon! We all know what we're gonna get, doubly so since it's a remake. 
I didn't dig the 3D stuff they did either, but it's fine and enough like the old games' artstyle to fit the series.
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I can't stand the full 3d stuff and hope the true pokemon games stay sprite-based.
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@crusader8463: I'm surprised they haven't done an MMO, either. It would fit the storyline, actually.
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@RockmanBionics: Awwwww... don't say that, man. We could be such good friends...
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  1. Pokemon has been in 3d and adventure, the Gamecube/Wii games still exist and if your not happy with that your no fan.
  2. Most if not all Pokemon fans still love the 2d graphics and just like Castlevania this has become the main tradition of the franchise only bending the rules every so often to add a 3d effect (Super CV: The Cylindrical Room & The Chandelier, PKMN D/P/P: Waterfalls & Depths)
  3. Most Handheld 3d games on the DS/DSI/DSILL that don`t involve Mario & Co look like crap its not even N64 level it looks horrible
These are the reasons why there are no 3d Pokemon games to this guy`s knowledge, what a n00b!
Edit: I forgot one. Why does he think that a game Franchise is further evolved if it becomes 3d? 3d does not equal better gaming.
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