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Most often, the reality of how beloved characters would appear is significantly more disturbing than the fantasy we’re used to. I’m specifically thinking of the live-action SUPER MARIO BROTHERS Saturday Morning show that starred Cap’n Lou Albano and some other guy. That was the discomforting reality of what a sewer-dwelling Italian-American plumber would look like… a world from the cute, cuddly and clean Mario from the video games. I think about that when I see this image to the right - - an artist’s more scientifically-accurate impression of those Pocket Monsters so many innocent children are found of.   See, monsters that can fit in your pocket would most likely be warped, deformed and mutated, with many extra appendages. I’m surprised there’s no Pikachu to be found here, but the bio-mechanoid Pokeball has to be the most unnerving. (Thanks to Geeklogie)


A University of British Columbia biologist has been thinking along those lines. He’s created a collectible card game called Phylo, which is designed to make learning about the animal kingdom more fun than remembering little memory-jogging phrases about how King Philip Came Over For Grasshopper Soup (or however else you remember the order of Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family,Genus and Species).  As you can see, it’s modeled off of POKEMON (except for the real monsters that could fit in your pocket) and, if you lunatics in the Anime Vice community want to contribute, head on over to its official website. (Thank to Kotaku)

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the first one is very scary
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I love the roided farfetched.
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Disney is the reason why there is no Pikachu on that site lol
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first one scared the fuck out of me
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First image is trippy as hell to look at. I wonder what he was smoking when they made that image lol n_n
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Hooray for SCIENCE!
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Yep Voltorb and Electrode are pretty weird. (Voltorb is the one like a pokeball and Electrode inverted pokeball [so red on the bottom])

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Real life electric element animals.
Electric Eels, Electric Catfish, Electric Rays.
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What I don't understand is why Lickatongue has so many extra eyes on his tongue X D
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They look like demons from hell
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Dude, that isn't pokémon according to science. That's pokémon according to H.P. Lovecraft.
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