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@takashichea: @MarioRedfield: Wonder Trades are completely random and you could still get absolutely anything nowadays. I still wonder trade and I tend to get offspring from shiny attempts and 6 IV attempts that ended up with real good abilities or natures. I do get some releasable pokemon (the crappy ones) from those too, but not as much and I used to. I haven't gotten any shiny pokemon that way (I've seen it happen before, though! [Skip to 23:42 for the video I linked in case the auto-skip didn't work]). Yes people also do nuzlocke runs that way. @__@

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Wow, that was really lucky of him. It's even has 6 IVs. Pokemon is a game where you have really good people in it. I remember there was a Shiny Eevee Nintendo Event, but I regretted not finding out in time. My favorite Eevee evolution was Umbreon and a shiny one was blue and black. Looks really awesome to me.

I haven't done Wonder Trade a lot since I get this guilt a bit. I do try to give good Pokemon. I believe there is Karma in the game.

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@Bigheart711: @takashichea: I've actually gotten a lot of great stuff for completing the Pokedex through Wonder Trade, but yeah people tend to give a lot of bad stuff out as often as they give good stuff it seems, ha. Though, I reallllllllly wish I could find a Piplup. I tried GTS but apparently you can't request a Pokemon you haven't seen before; that's not lame or anything :P

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I check my Y or X version. Got no Piplup. I recall in the the first Black and White. In White, you cannot see Madibuzz or Vullaby. You cannot ask that on GTS. For Black, you can see Braviary in a battle and then requested on GTS.

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@takashichea: Heh, believe it or not, I just got a Piplup through Wonder Trade. I feel complete now xP

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