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Nintendo has announced a host of new details about Pokemon X & Y, including the fact that you'll be able to transfer your monsters from Black & White and Black & White 2 into the upcoming game.

In today's Pokemon Direct, it was revealed that you'll be able to use a feature called the Poke Transporter to upload your captured 'mon to your personal Pokemon Bank, where you will be able to download the ones you want. The slight downside is that the Pokemon Bank requires the download of a premium app to use, meaning this service will cost an annual fee.

Elsewhere in the Direct, Game Freak's Junichi Masuda announced that the three new starter Pokemon, Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin won't be the only ones you can select when you begin your adventure. Players will also be able to choose between the original stater Pokemon of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, each of which have a final Mega Evolution that can be unlocked: Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard and Mega Blastoise.


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I wonder if you can choose from all the past starters, but I will start with the new guys

Anyway, I really getting a Digimon vibe from those forms

Can't wait to play X and Y

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Here is the full list of Mega Evolutions. It was leaked quite recently, so we don't a confirmation on whether it is real or not.

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I'll check Serebii.net. It's pretty nuts that they have so many mega evolution.

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Those are actually some surprisingly solid choices. Going with all the starters was a no-brainer, and I was hoping for Alakazam and Gengar so that's cool. I hadn't even considered Machamp (maybe even MORE arms?!), Lapras or Dragonite. Can't wait to see how Salamence, Metagross, and Zebstrika turn out as Megas, too.

Celebi is the most surprising one. I thought Mewtwo would be the only "Legendary" Pokémon to Mega-evolve. It kind of made sense, since Mewtwo is genetically modified. I wonder if this is the final list or if they'll add more.

That's assuming of course that this leaked list is real. Looks pretty legit to me.

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Pokémon - CoroCoro Reveals

The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted to Japanese forums and this batch showcases more information on the upcoming games Pokémon X & Y. We have the cover that showcases a new Mega Evolution of Mewtwo as well as Mega Garchomp in the bottom right

The middle starter evolutions have also been revealed. First is Hariboogu (ハリボーグ), Chespin's evolution. It is pure Grass-type and knows the move Mud Shot. Next is Fennekin's evolution, Teerunaa (テールナー) which is pure Fire-type. It knows the move Psyshock and finally is Froakie's evolution, Gekogashira (ゲコガシラ) which is pure Water-type and knows Bounce

It lists two fossil Pokémon, Chigorasu (チゴラス) which is Rock/Dragon T-Rex which has a new ability 'Hard Jaw' that increases attack power of biting moves and knows Crunch, and Amarusu (アマルス) which is Rock/Ice Diplodocus which has a new ability called Freeze Skin which turns Normal type moves into Ice-type moves and raises their power. It knows Aurora Beam

There is a white dog called Torimian (トリミアン) which is the Pokémon from the Pokémon Direct and is a Normal-type It has a new ability called Fur Coat which reduces Physical Damage. You can also customise its appearance

Finally, the Psychic-type cat called Nyaonikusu (ニャオニクス) which has male and female appearances. Male is on the right, Female is on the left in the third picture below. movepool varies by gender. The male is more of a supporter while the female is more of an attacker with, female Nyaonikusu knowing Extrasensory and male knowing Miracle Eye. It has Keen Eye or Infiltrator

He also listed the Fairy-type chart. According to this, Fairy is Super Effective on Fighting, Dark and Dragon and not effective on Fire, Poison or Steel. It also states that it is weak to Poison and Steel while resists Fighting, Dark and Bug. It is immune to Dragon.

The new Mega Evolution of Mewtwo is exclusive to X and is called Mega Mewtwo X. It is Psychic/Fighting-type and has the ability Steadfast. The previous Mega Mewtwo is Mega Mewtwo Y and is exclusive to Pokémon Y. They use the items Mewtwonite X & Mewtwonite Y to Mega Evolve. Mega Garchomp has the ability Sandforce

10:53: Change your hair and clothes at a Boutique and Salon, reflected in the graphics, with a famous actress called Karune. Team Flare has five scientists, Kuseroshiki, Momiji, Bara, Akebi, Corea

11:06: According to the leaker, Steel has lost its resistance to Dark and Ghost. Like the rest of this information this is unconfirmed until we get a picture.

11:56: Re-organised for easier readability

12:34: The actress Karena is a trainer you will also have the ability of battling. Team Flare are looking to create a beautiful world.

13:25: Created our special Type Chart to match the new type matchup

14:00: Updated the New Pokémon Page & Mega Evolution Page with today's reveals

10:45: In addition to this, some anime details were shown. Mega Blaziken was shown on the new anime poster, alongside Clemont and the new female playable character.

Pokémon - Starter EvolutionsPokémon - Mega Mewtwo XPokémon - Mega Garchomp
Pokémon - Chigorasu, Amarusu, Torimian and NyonikusuPokémon - MovesPokémon - Moves
Pokémon - Pokémon TypesPokémon - MovesPokémon - Moves
Pokémon - Type ChartPokémon XY Anime
  • The stage 2 evolutions of the new starters have been revealed. Pure grass, fire, and water, but Fennekin learns Psycho Cut, supporting the rumor that the stage 3 evos will be grass/dark, fire/psychic, water/fighting.
  • The two new fossilmon have been revealed. They are a rock/dragon t-rex and a rock/ice diplodocus or other long-necked dinosaur. The t-rex's ability is "hard jaw," which boosts the power of biting attacks like crunch or fire/ice/thunder fang. The diplodocus' ability is "freeze skin," which boosts the power of ice-type moves, and changes the typing of its normal-type moves to ice-type.
  • Straight up new Pokemon have been revealed. The first is a fluffy dog-like pokemon, normal-type. It has the ability "Fur Coat," which reduces incoming physical damage. You can also customize its appearance in some way. I bet it's hairstyles.
  • The second is a psychic-type cat whose movepool changes depending on gender. The male is geared more toward a support role, and the female for an attack role.
  • The second form of Mega Mewtwo has been revealed. It is psychic/fighting, and has "steadfast" as its ability. The two forms are exclusive to either version, this new one appearing in X, the older one appearing in Y.
  • Mega Garchomp. It's ability's Sandforce. Didn't show much else.
  • The new Type Effectiveness Chart has been revealed! Fairy is super-effective against dragon, dark, and fighting, and not very effective against fire, poison, or steel. It is weak to poison and steel, but resists fighting, dark, and bug.
  • You can change your character's clothes and hair.

Source and second source

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@Acura_Max: So glad they made an alternate Mega Mewtwo, that one looks much more acceptable to me. Since this one is Psychic and Fighting, do we know what the secondary type of the other Mega Mewtwo is?

Wonder how this one will fit into the anime, if at all...

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The Pokemon Company has revealed Pyroar, an evolution of Litleo in Pokemon X and Y. Pyroar is a fire and normal-type Royal Pokemon with “a great mane of burning flames” whose abilities include Rivalry and Unnerve.

According to The Pokemon Company, Pyroar can learn the Normal-type move Echoed Voice, "which makes its power grow with every turn. Its power will increase even if other Pokémon use it, so try Echoed Voice out with your allies in Double Battles and Triple Battles to experience its real value.”

Pyroar evolves from Litleo, a Pokemon revealed in June with a new move for the series, Noble Roar, which lowers your target's Attack stat.


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Here the video

When I got done watching the video, this pretty much happen

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  • First are the starters. Chespin's evolution, Hariboogu is to be called Quilladin. Fennekin's evolution, Teerunaa , is to be called Braixenand Froakie's evolution, Gekogashira, is to be called Frogadier
  • Next are the fossil Pokémon. Chigorasu is to be called Tyrunt while its ability, Strong Jaw, retains its name. Next, Amarusu is to be called Amaura while its ability, is called Refrigerate. Tyrunt is obtained with the Jaw Fossil and Amaura with the Sail Fossil
  • The customisable dog Pokémon, Torimian is to be called Furfrou while its ability Fur Coat retains its name. Its move, Baby Doll Eyeswhichmoves first and lowers the opponent's Attack. The process to customise it is called Trimming
  • The cat Pokémon, Nyaonikusu is to be called Meowstic.
  • Mega Mewtwo X has an increased Attack stat. Mega Garchomp has an increased Attack and Special Attack stat, but its Speed stat is decreased
  • Pyroar has a female form
  • The Team Flare admins are: The purple-haired woman is Celosia, the orange-haired woman is Aliana, the green-haired woman is Bryony, and the blue-haired woman is Mable. The final one of the lot is a man called Xerosic, whose red goggles and hair make quite an impression. The actress Karune is to be called Diantha.
  • The Global Link will have a mobile friendly version. Season 1 of the Ranked Matches will be done with Single Battles using only Pokémon in the Kalos Pokédex and runs from December
  • Some more changes regarding types have been announced; Ghost types are no longer affected by moves that prevent fleeing such as Mean Look. Grass Pokémon can't be seeded or affected by moves such as SleepPowder or Stun Spore. Electric types can no longer be Paralysed
  • You can also record 10 second videos at the Trainer PR Studio
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@Acura_Max: @Destinyheroknight:

Jesus Christ, I can't even keep up with the news.

Looks like they make poison types more better. In the past, poison types' attacks are super effective against grass and that was it. There was not much advantage using them in competitive battles. They made steel types less resistant. There goes my wall strategy. I didn't think Dragon was overpowered. Most dragon pokemon was weak to ice because of their dual type nature, flying or ground. The Pokemon whose dual type has no weakness in the past was ghost and dark.

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Yeah, it is a lot of news

But it doing it job making me hype about the new game (can't wait to play it)

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What version are you getting? I'm getting Y because I didn't find the legendary deer pokemon beautiful or impressive.

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I almost fainted after looking at all this news. Makes me glad that I pre-ordered Pokemon Y in full. I'm also surprised that the typings for Poison are better while the Fairy type is damn near OP. XD

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Awesome, you're getting Pokemon Y, too. Join the Y club. Yeah, Poison type got better.

Take that Oh wait, I need Kelleth for trading to complete the pokedex. We need each other to complete that bond, X and Y. Oh crap, I almost did an innuendo there.


It's Simba!

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@takashichea: lol well count me out for trading because I am buying the games first and the 3DS XL somewhere in April.

Also does any one know if with Pokemon Bank the on-game pc system has been removed? I am kinda worried about when I don't have Wi-Fi or when I don't care to pay 5 euro's a year.

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@takashichea said:

...Oh wait, I need Kelleth for trading to complete the pokedex. We need each other to complete that bond, X and Y. Oh crap, I almost did an innuendo there.

Yeah, that was almost one indeed. XD
Yeah, that was almost one indeed. XD
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I sadly forgot which version I pre-order, but knowing me it probably X

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The Pokemon Company will soon reveal some big news. Tune in tomorrow to this thread to get the dets!

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Well, it's not exciting news. It's more like a contest. On the Pokemon Promo site, you have to figure out a code to unlock what's inside the pokeball. Once you get the code, it could mean that you could win prizes such as a 3DS XL and copies of the new game. To find the code, you have to watch this video very closely. Supposibly the code is hidden somewhere in the video.

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