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Welcome to the Pokémon Video Game Club!
Here you can chat about the various Pokémon video games, battle and trade with other club members, discuss strategies, and more!

The Anime Vice Pokemon Gang

Club MemberVersionTrainer ID No.Main PokémonFriend CodeSafari Zone
Bigheart711 (Menos)Y02960Delphox0919-9932-6841Lampent, Phantump, and Dusclops
DBZ_universeY536930430-8314-2519Wobbuffet, Abra, and Xatu
Destinyheroknight (Dontey)X18726Froakie3282-2329-8652
SamJaz (SamJaz)Y0705-2743-6050Magneton, Forretress, Excadrill
takashichea (Ragna)X17854Aegislash0447-6474-4540Wooper, Dugtrio, Palpitoad
VapovileY2552-1993-5565Cascoon, Swalot, Toxicroak

Battle Chart

This battle chart shows who has beaten who and how many times between all club members.
Go down and left to see wins, or right and up to see losses.
BigHeart711DBZ Universe

Shiny Chart

Club MemberPokemon (X and Y)
BigHeart711Ralts, Mareep, Rayquaza, Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia
DBZ UniverseRayquaza, Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia
TakashicheaTrapinch, Alakazam (gift from DBZ)
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With this and the TCG club we now have TWO Pokémon clubs! CAN YOU HANDLE ALL THESE POKÉMANZ!?!

Right, I'll go and retire the old Pokémon thread, it's had a good run.

Man... I still need to play SoulSilver, Black/White, Black/White 2... then buy a 3DS for X/Y... I've never been so far behind on these games. I think I'd like to play SoulSilver above all else, I loved the generation 2 games back in the day.

Post by Acura_Max (2,433 posts) See mini bio Level 13

More info on that Pokemon X/Y game. According to Lazygamer, the game is going to be bigger or at the very least, it will take up more memory space on your 3DS. It is reported that the game will take up 1.7 gigabytes, or 13297 blocks. Here's a comparison of other Pokemon games for perspective:

GameMemory Needed
Diamond and Pearl64 megabytes
Gold and Silver, Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes128 megabytes
Black/White256 megabytes
Black/White 2512 megabytes
Pokemon X/Y1.7 gigabytes

MORE REVELATIONS ABOUND. Remember that funky Mewtwo. It turns out that form is one of the first to be what is called a "Mega Evolution." More detail on that below:

While details of Pokémon X & Y are slowly filtered through to the West, we can rely on CoroCoro magazine to keep the new information coming regardless; today's revelations are undoubtedly worth exploring. Scans taken and translated by Serebii have revealed details on new Pokémon and all-new "Mega" evolutions, which promise to shift up the dynamics for all Trainers.

Thanks to Serebii's efforts, below are the details.

  • There are "Mega" forms of various Pokémon, specifically MegaBlaziken, MegaAbsol, MegaMawile, MegaMewtwo, MegaLucario and MegaAmpharos.
  • MegaMawile is Steel/Fairy-type (as is normal Mawile) and has the ability Huge Power.
  • MegaBlaziken has Speed Boost.
  • MegaLucario has Adaptability.
  • MegaAbsol has the ability Magic Bounce.
  • MegaMewtwo has the ability Insomnia.
  • MegaAmpharos is Electric/Dragon and has the ability Mold Breaker.
  • These "Mega" 'mon "evolve" through a process called, not surprisingly, "Mega Evolution".
  • A new character will be called Koruni in Japan. She is a Gym Leader and holds the key to understanding Mega Evolutions.

In addition new Pokémon, shown below, are the following:

  • The pre-evolution of Gogoat is called Meekuru. It is 0.9m and 31.0kg.
  • There's an Electric Fairy called Dedenne. It is 0.2m and 2.2kg. It is the Antenna Pokémon and has the abilities Pick Up or the new ability Cheek Pouches.
  • The Rabbit is a Normal-type called Horubii. It is 0.4m and 5.0kg. It is the Digging Pokémon and also has the abilities Pick Up or Cheek Pouches.

Quite a lot to take in this time around. Check out the scans below and let us know what you think.

The image uploader seems be acting a bit weird, so I will have to link you to the pictures.

Another huge info dump by the folks who make Pokemon:

A Special Limited-Time Wi-Fi Distribution Event to Celebrate Mega Evolution Begins Worldwide on October 12th, 2013

LONDON, UK—August 9, 2013—

Mega Evolution

Mega Stone. Mega Stones are special stones that exist for all Pokémon that can Mega Evolve, each named after the Pokémon to which it grants power. For instance, the LucarioniteMega Stone will help Lucario Mega Evolve. Mega Stones are hidden throughout the Kalos region, and players must find them to unlock the incredible power of Mega Evolution.

One Mega Stone, Blazikenite, will not be found during normal gameplay in Pokémon X or Pokémon Y. Players of the new titles will need to participate in a special limited-time Wi-Fi distribution event via Nintendo Network to get a Torchic holding a Blazikenite Mega Stone. This is how players can receive the Blazikenite Mega Stone when the new titles launch. The character distribution begins October 12th, the same day Pokémon X and Pokémon Y launches worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, and this distribution event will only last for a short period of time. Players will need to evolve the Torchic they receive via the distribution into Combusken and finally into Blaziken in order to harness the power of this Mega Stone and Mega Evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken.

The Torchic received in this distribution also has the Hidden Ability Speed Boost, a very powerful Ability that increases a Pokémon’s Speed at the end of every turn. This limited-time character distribution event allows players to get a Torchic with Speed Boost, which becomes incredibly effective once they Mega Evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken.

Brand-New Method of Pokémon Training: Super Training!

Super Training or S.T. is being introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, allowing players to help their Pokémon grow stronger when they’re not in battle. On the Touch Screen of the Nintendo 3DS system, players can have their Pokémon participate in Super Training, activities that will increase a Pokémon’s base stats, the underlying values that define its HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed stats.

One Super Training activity involves having Pokémon train by facing huge Pokémon-shaped Balloon Bots in a virtual space, with both sides trying to shoot balls into the opponent’s goal. Using the Circle Pad and Touch Screen to avoid shots from the Balloon Bots while landing their own in the goal, players will enjoy this action-packed feature while increasing their Pokémon’s base stats to help them become stronger for battle.

For a more casual way to help Pokémon strengthen their base stats, Core Training lets players set up training bags, earned by completing Super-Training Regimens, for Pokémon in their party to use. Pokémon will work on Core Training by themselves, raising their stats on their own. By tapping on the Touch Screen during a Core Training session, players can help their Pokémon increase their base stats, too. Players will be able to see how their Pokémon are doing at their Core Training at any time from the main Super Training screen.

More never-before-seen Pokémon that players will encounter in the Kalos region have been announced this morning by The Pokémon Company International. You can check them out atPokemon.co.uk/XY.

· By emitting radio waves from its antenna-shaped whiskers, new Electric- and Fairy-type Pokémon Dedenne can communicate with far-off allies. It can also plug its tail into outlets to drain electricity from them. Its Ability, Cheek Pouch, is new to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. If a Pokémon with this Ability eats a Berry during battle, it will not only reap the benefit from the Berry, but the Pokémon will also be able to regain HP. Dedenne can learn the new Electric-type move Nuzzle, which looks cute as the user nuzzles up to a target with its cheeks fully charged, but it’s quite dangerous! Nuzzle will do damage while paralyzing the opponent.

· Bunnelby is a new Normal-type Pokémon that creates its den by digging in the ground with its large, shovel-shaped ears. These powerful ears are strong enough to chop right through thick tree roots, making them a force to be reckoned with in battle. Bunnelby can learn the Ground-type move Dig. On the first turn, the user burrows underground, and on the second turn, it attacks! In Double Battles, a Pokémon can use Dig to avoid its ally’s attack and then dish out damage on the next turn.

· It is now known that Skiddo evolves into the already announced Gogoat. A Grass-type Pokémon, Skiddo has a gentle nature and is said to be the first Pokémon to live alongside humans. Because of this relationship, Skiddo doesn’t mind carrying people or supplies on its back, and it has become able to read the feelings of its riders through their grip on its horns. Skiddo can learn the Grass-type moveLeaf Blade, where the user wields a sharp leaf to slice like a sword.


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For you guys and gals who haven't bought a 3DS yet, I suggest buying a 3DS XL and a SD card. The 3DS XL has a longer battery life than the original model.

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My mission to catch them all before X&Y came out died a horrible death the moment I tried to play Diamond. Jesus that game is slow. Also I'm still waiting on a Genesect to complete the Unova Dex.

I'm strictly anti-pokemon forms normally, and battle forms seem even more stupid.

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It's often not brought to the forefront, but Pokemon has alot of complex systems. One of them is the effort system which determines how your Pokemon's stats boost when they level up. The more effort points a pokemon has in one particular area the more points it will get when it levels up. For example. your charmander gets 4 attack points per level. If it gets a protein, it will get 5 attack points added to its total attack power; as you can imagine, this is a pretty big deal. It is for this reason that items like Protein and Iron are such useful items; they boost the base stat of the Pokemon That means that the Pokemon won't get an immediate stat boost, but in the long run your pokemon will get more powerful than if a protein had immediately given your Pokemon +1 attack. As you can see, this is pretty complex stuff and has been hidden in the game from at least since Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Now the new Pokemon XY games will try to make these things less subtle.

For more info, read this.

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I almost completed the Pokedex in Platinum only using Leaf Green, Emerald, Soul Silver, and Pearl. The only Pokemon I didn't get was Celebi and Ho-oh. I didn't know how to get it legally besides that Pokemon gamecube game, Colesseum's bonus disk. Some folks in the community suggested to me to use some IP address and GTS to get it.

Edit: I wouldn't do it illegally. It takes away the fun.

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Hey guys, the Pokémon Video Game World Championships are happening RIGHT NOW! Soon followed by the Trading Card Game World Championships!

Post by Kelleth (7,798 posts) See mini bio Level 20

lol Reminds me how I neglected to make a new collection update blog. Here's my current collection: missing Fire Red, Emerald, Black, Black & White 2. And the TGC one but that one is somewhere in my room, I just don't know where...

I caught them all in Gold/Silver. it was glorious.

I really need to step up my game next year and get up-to-date on the collection though. I am still a version behind :)

Post by Daniel_Newton (3,323 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Acura_Max: I finally made a club banner and added a club description, you can obviously tweak that to your liking.

Also, when you start adding yourself and other users to the leaderboard, I suggest you make two leaderboards and battle charts; one set for the DS games and one for the 3DS games.

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Alongside the already-announced trio of Mewtwo, Blaziken and Lucario, a new trailer reveals the mega forms of Ampharos, Absol and Mawile, and explains how Mega Evolution will work.

Additionally, over the weekend at the Pokemon World Championships, it was announced by Game Freak director Junichi Masuda that Kangaskhan would also be able to Mega Evolve. Doing so releases its child from its pouch, and unlocks the ability 'Parental Bond' that allows two attacks in a single turn.

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Here's some more rumoured Mega Pokemon based on trademarks. I am a bit pissed that Venusaur doesn't get one. But some of the other Mega ones that already have been revealed aren't on there so there might be more coming up soon http://pokemonfigure.blogspot.jp/2013/08/registered-trademark-and-mega-pokemon.html

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Can't wait for this game. Do we know how long torchic is gonna be available yet?

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I look it up. Doesn't have an end date. I guess maybe a month. A lot of stores in my area are not taking pre-orders anymore. It's because of this Torchic craze and other things. It's a good thing I preordered. I never like digital copies. That's just me.

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Stay on loop with Serebii.net. It's a great Pokemon website.

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@takashichea: I use r/Pokemon on reddit. Second hand, but quick.

Post by takashichea (16,581 posts) See mini bio Level 25
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Found it!

Though, the end date reported here is January 15. It's kind of long for an event.

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@takashichea: Awesome, they must be accounting for all the kids who have to wait until Christmas.

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I want in this club please! I would love to have a battle!

Post by Daniel_Newton (3,323 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@DBZ_universe: Acura_Max isn't online so I added you. You should post your details (the stuff in the club leaderboard) so we can add them to the main post!

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