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@Acura_Max: Huh, I just had a look and it says the file is less than 500MB (here). Either way, when I have a download that's taking a while I just leave it going in the background while I do other stuff.

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@Daniel_Newton: Yeah. I might have leave this on overnight.

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@Acura_Max: If you get it downloaded let me know when you're online and I'll be happy to play a few matches.

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@Daniel_Newton: Today, IGN released their review of the iPad version of the Online Trading Card Game. They gave the game a score of 6.0 out of 10.0. The writer must have had a really terrible experience with the game because she ends the review by recommending other games. Is she right? I'll find out tonight when I download the thing and play a couple of rounds.

Off-topic: On Wednesday, the BBC will be releasing a Free-to-Play Doctor Who game which will teach children how to code. The BBC have said this about the project:

The idea behind it is simply to use one of our biggest, most popular brands to inspire children to find out more about programming.

Sounds like a good idea. I'm planning on trying it out Wednesday because I'm curious as to what they will be showcasing. Also, more Doctor Who can't be a bad thing!

Link to that article.

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@Acura_Max: She makes some fair points and some not so fair points but it sounds like they made a decent port of the PC version that's just suffering from some onling lag issues. I don't remember the last time I experienced any lag on the PC version, I actually had a particularly enjoyable match with someone yesterday. The reviewer has a point about the artwork (namely the player avatars, which lots of people don't like) but I focus on the actual card game anyway. What she said about the UI isn't really fair though, I think she's forgetting that the Pokémon TCG has a very wide audience ranging from adults to very young kids, so the UI needs to be bulky and colourful to appeal to the younger players. The points she makes about the game encouraging you to actually buy cards is super dumb. Of course it does that, the whole point of the game is to offer experienced players a way to practice and play with people online, and to encourage new players to start buying cards in real life. She didn't really review the game in quite the right context, I don't think.

Although as a side note you actually earn tokens/cards a lot quicker now than back when you were playing regularly, mostly thanks to the bonus spin wheel at the end of each online match which usually gives you extra tokens.

But yeah, let me know what that version is like when you have it downloaded and maybe I'll try jumping on and playing a few rounds against you.

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@Kelleth: @Acura_Max: @takashichea:

I finally took some photos of some of my Pokémon card stuff! Thought you guys might be interested.

The first three photos are of the middle shelves of my bookshelf. They used to be filled with video games but most of those went in a big box I can just slide out from underneath my bed. Anyway:

  • SHELF 1: EX tins complete with promo cards
    -------------- VHS tapes of Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns and Pokémon The Movie 3 to fill the gaps
  • SHELF 2: Second lot of tins, the empty ones filling the space until I get more, I have several more promo cards but I'm missing the tins :(
    -------------- Black & White: Red Frenzy Theme Deck (missing outer box)
    -------------- Plasma Freeze: Psy Crusher Deck (outer box on the other side)
    -------------- Japanese "M-Charizard-EX Mega Battle Deck" which comes with a Mega Charizard EX and two Charizard EX cards, saw it up for auction and I had to grab it!
    -------------- VHS tapes of Pokémon The First Movie and Pokémon 2000 to fill the gaps
  • SHELF 3: Complete Pokémon Starter Gift Box, the 2-Player Starter Deck and Theme Deck from inside also out on display
    -------------- Brushfire Theme Deck (got this back in the day)
    -------------- Pikachu World Collection, a really cool set of Pikachu cards in different languages (parents got me this back in the day)
    -------------- Ruby Theme Deck (missing a few cards)
    -------------- Tempest Gift Box, theme deck from inside next to it (I had one of these as a kid, no idea where it went, saw one up for auction and nabbed it for cheap. It's only missing the CD-ROM)

The other three photos are of my stock cupboard filled with all the cards I'm either selling or sorting through. Most of the tins are full to give you and idea of how many cards there are.

As for the bulk of my personal collection, I've taken most of my cards out of the folders/binders to reorganize them, so no photos of those for now.


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That's quite an impressive collection. The tins look awesome especially Rayquaza and Darkrai's.

I'm not at my family house. I'm at the apartment, so most of my Pokemon stuff is with my siblings. I don't have Pokemon cards though. I just posted what I found in the Pokemon club.

from page 14.

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@takashichea: I'm so behind on Pokémon games. I haven't finished one since Diamond but I've put Alpha Sapphire on my Amazon Wishlist so hopefully I'll get that. Super excited about it, I poured over 300 hours into my main Sapphire game alone so when you add additional playthroughs of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald I probably put in 500 or more. Maybe I should try to finish some of the games I missed before Christmas...

Anyway, back on-topic, I pulled a Secret Rare Zekrom card from the Legendary Treasures booster box I recently bought. It's pretty damn cool (the dark section is a reflection of the camera, it's that shiny!) and pretty rare. You're lucky if you get one in a box of 36 packs!

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That's a lucky find! It almost looks like it has a hologram.

I got into Pokemon from the anime. Before I didn't know the difference between anime and cartoon back then. The video game made me love the series even more. I haven't dived into trading cards.

How did you get into the Pokemon trading cards business?

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@takashichea: I don't think any of us knew what anime was back then, I remember assuming it was made by the same people who made Dragon Ball Z, because that was what looked the most similar to it at the time time, haha.

I still think you should give the trading card game a go. To me it feels like the video games except as you learn more it gets deeper and more interesting. Super easy to get into too, especially if you're playing the online version. It teaches you how to play and does a lot of the work for you. Seriously whenever you have a spare half an hour or so and want to give it a try just let me know and I'd be happy to play a few matches with you. If you like the games then I highly recommend the TCG.

Anyway, a friend of mine got into Magic: The Gathering and was trying to get me into it. At the time it all went over my head so I wasn't very interested, then I found out there's a free online version of the Pokémon TCG so I decided to give that a try instead since I'd collected the cards as a kid and I like Pokémon. It's similar to Magic, but like I said it feels a lot like the Pokémon games so it's much easier to get into. After playing that for a while I wanted to start collecting the new cards. The only problem was I didn't have much money coming in at the time, so I considered selling any cards I didn't need to get some of the money back, but I didn't seriously consider it until my friend did the same thing with her Magic cards, and I thought if she could do it there was no reason I couldn't.

So that's that. Now I'm collecting cards and making money at the same time, win-win!

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Sure, I take your offer in an online match one day. I remember someone who was into the trading card business. Don't know what franchise. He was a classmate of mine who I ran into Anime Expo 2013 or 14 (can't remember). I didn't he was into anime, but he was only there to buy cards. He would lead to me to these card booths and tell me which was a good deal and which was a rip-off. I imagined card business are too hardcore. My views changed a bit.

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@Daniel_Newton: Nice! I don't have nearly as much :D

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