Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2?

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Today on Pokémon Smash Junichi Masuda revealed to Japan and the world two things. The first was a update or sequels to Black and White coming to the DS this June and second news he released on his twitter page about the new film showing that Kyurem can change his forme two times Dubbed "Black Kyurem" and "White Kyurem" below is the picture. Personally I am a fan of Pokémon and am amazed they would make sequels to the current games which is a first for them (of course every year they try to up the ante on their games every year) but I question what this will bring to the series. As for Kyurem I always knew they were going to reveal he could change his form. One of these reasons is because of the mythos between the three dragons originally being one being and that it looked liked his body was incomplete i.e. his short left horn and wing. So this might be a trend in every new series second film to have one of the legendarys realted to the games mascot's already released to later obtain the ability to change his forme similar to what they did with Giratina.

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I personally don't think will see any aesthetic changes

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Hope it's for 3ds... also if Kyurem can change forms does this mean his stats will change same goes with his second type like Electric or fire just like Zekrom or Resiram..?
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